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    Ballast barge concept for underwater structures

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    Ballast barge for underwater structure consists of a reinforced concrete structure partitioned into watertight compartments. The barge structure includes a 3-way venting valve, a compressed air manifold, a master valve for connecting the manifold to an air line, and an open port in each compartment for admitting and expelling sea water

    Georgia Library Spotlight - Woodworth Consolidated Library

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    Immersive Cultural Plunge: How Mental Health Trainees Can Exercise Cultural Competence With African American Descendants of Chattel Slaves A Qualitative Study

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    This qualitative study utilized ethnographic techniques to explore the potential for change in mental health trainees resulting from the participation in an in vivo Immersive Cultural Plunge (ICP) within the African American Descendant of Chattel Slave community. The ICP combined Multicultural Immersions Experiences (MIE) of Cultural Immersion (CI) and Cultural Plunge (CP) to contribute to the developing body of research utilizing MIEs that incorporate contextual, experiential, and historical knowledge to teach the skill of cultural sensitivity. During the 12- hour ICP the participants experienced an orientation, a lecture, a tour/community interaction, a multimedia presentation within an African American community. In this study, the data collection included participants utilizing email on their personal computers to forward consent forms, five observational protocol forms, and a demographic questionnaire to the researcher. Data from the focus group session were transcribed and combined with emailed Observational Protocols for the thematic analysis. The findings for the study are from two themed areas. The first theme is the under utilization of psychotherapy services for African Americans. The second theme is the effectiveness of the Immersive Cultural Plunge as an MIE. The responses of the mental health trainees to the ICP demonstrated that the cultural competency of the students was altered. Recommendations include using ICP experience for curriculum development for mental health trainees in cultural competency specifically for African Americans and treatment development for the African American Descendant of Chattel Slave client. The electronic version of this dissertation is available free at Ohiolink ETD Center, www.ohiolink.edu/et

    Constitution Day at Your Library: Promoting Your Federal Depository

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    The article discusses how U.S. public libraries can promote federal depositories. According to the author, there are many benefits for libraries in applying for or retaining their federal depository status. The author says that a major benefit of being a federal depository is that all materials, including books, compact disks, and electronic documents, are provided free to the library by the Government Printing Office (GPO)

    My Own Private Library: A Peek Inside the Personal Library of a Librarian

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    CSRA Library Association Conference

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    Frequency doubling in Ga:La:S optical glass with microcrystals

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    Second harmonic generation in gallium-lanthanum-sulphide (Ga:La:S) and GeS2+Ga:La:S glasses is investigated. It is shown that microcrystals of Ga:La:S and of alpha-phase of gallium-sulphide (alpha-Ga2S3), whose presence in the glass matrix is revealed by x-ray diffraction analysis, are responsible for the frequency doubling process

    Media portrayals of gun violence depend on race, leading to often very disparate policy responses

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    Far more Blacks than Whites are killed because of gun violence in the U.S. Despite this fact, when arguing for greater gun control, politicians tend to respond to gun violence involving whites, such as the 2012 Sandy Hook shootings. Wanda V. Parham-Payne argues that much of this difference in policy response is down to how the media portrays gun violence. She writes that the inner city gun violence that disproportionately affects Blacks is portrayed by the media as a manifestation of immorality and individual shortcomings. When gun violence involves whites, on the other hand, the assailant is often portrayed as anomalous or mentally ill
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