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    Visual framing of European Years in Romanian public communication campaign blogs

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    Since 1983, European Years (EY) have been implemented by the European Parliament and the European Council to raise the awareness of the local, regional, and national authorities on a common European issue. This article develops a visual framing analysis of the photographic representation of the European Year of Volunteering (2011) and the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (2012) at a national level. The data will focus on the photographic images uploaded on the campaign blogs of two Romanian non-governmental organizations. This study has a threefold aim: first, to compare and contrast the use of photographic images in the blogs of two Romanian public communication campaigns; second, to develop a model of visual framing analysis focused on types of represented participants, social actions, and shots; third, to argue that the objectives and outcomes of the public communication campaigns on EY issues depend on the type of ÔÇťI-nessÔÇŁ versus ÔÇťwe-nessÔÇŁ society a country is.Desde 1983, los An╠âos Europeos son aplicados por el Este arti╠üculo desarrolla un ana╠ülisis de encuadre visual de la representacio╠ün fotogra╠üfica del An╠âo Europeo del Voluntariado (2011) y del An╠âo Europeo del Envejecimiento Activo y la Solidaridad Intergeneracional (2012) a escala nacional. Los datos se centrara╠ün en las ima╠ügenes fotogra╠üficas subidas en los blogs de campan╠âa de dos organizaciones no gubernamentales rumanas. Este estudio tiene un triple objetivo: primero, comparar y contrastar el uso de las ima╠ügenes fotogra╠üficas en los blogs de dos campan╠âas de comunicacio╠ün rumanas; segundo, desarrollar un modelo de ana╠ülisis de encuadre visual centrado en tipos de participantes representados, acciones sociales y tomas fotogra╠üficas; tercero, argumentar que los objetivos y los resultados de las campan╠âas de comunicacio╠ün pu╠üblica de los An╠âos Europeos dependen de la representacio╠ün social desde el tipo "yo" frente al "nosotros"

    Multidecadal variability of summer temperature over Romania and its relation with Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation

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    We investigate the multidecadal variability of summer temperature over Romania as measured at 14 meteorological stations with long term observational records. The dominant pattern of summer temperature variability has a monopolar structure and shows pronounced multidecadal variations. A correlation analysis reveals that these multidecadal variations are related with multidecadal variations in the frequency of four daily atmospheric circulation patterns from the North Atlantic region. It is found that, on multidecadal time scales, negative summer mean temperature (TT) anomalies are associated with positive sea level pressure (SLP) anomalies centered over the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and Scandinavia and negative SLP anomalies centered over the northern part of Africa. It is speculated that a possible cause of multidecadal fluctuations in the frequency of these four patterns are the sea surface temperature anomalies associated to the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation. These results have implications for predicting the evolution of summer temperature over Romania on multidecadal time scales