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    Squeeze-film gas bearing technology

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    Squeeze-film bearing is studied to develop a low-friction suspension for the output-axis gimbal of a single-degree-of-freedom gyroscope. Included are a review of pertinent literature, the theory of squeeze-film lubrication, and design elements

    On asymptotic analysis of gaseous squeeze-film bearings

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    Asymptotic analysis for obtaining steady state solution of time dependent gas lubrication equation, of diffusion type, for gaseous squeeze film bearing

    On Error Torques of Squeeze-film Cylindrical Journal Bearings

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    Error torques of squeeze film cylindrical journal bearing

    On the slowly time dependent problem of squeeze film bearings

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    Time dependency of spherical squeeze-film bearing for use in suspension of precision gyroscope outpu

    Dynamic response of a double squeeze-film thrust plate

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    Dynamic response of gaseous double squeeze film thrust plate for bearing

    The solution of special squeeze film gas bearing problems by an improved numerical technique

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    Computer program for solving squeeze film gas bearing problem

    Spherical squeeze-film hybrid bearing with small steady-state radial displacement

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    Spherical squeeze-film hybrid bearing with small steady-state radial displacement analysi

    Investigation of an axial-excursion transducer for squeeze-film bearings

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    Resonant frequencies and characteristic bearing cone motion of axial-excursion transducer for squeeze-film gas bearing - drive voltage, preload, bearing mass, and mounting ring effect

    Analysis, design, and prototype development of squeeze-film bearings for AB-5 gyro Final report phase 2, design, fabrication and evaluation of prototypes

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    Squeeze-film bearing transducers with piezoceramic cylinders for AB-5 gyro - design, fabrication, and testing of cylindrical journal and annular bearing prototype
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