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    W and Z Production at the Tevatron

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    In this paper, recent experimental results on W and Z boson production at the Tevatron are described. These results not only provide tests of the standard model, but are also sensitive to proton parton distribution functions.Comment: Presented at the XXXIII International Conference on High Energy Physics, Moscow, Russian Federation, 26th July - 2nd August 200

    Measuring the W boson mass at the Tevatron

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    The measurement of the mass of the W boson is one of the prime goals of the Tevatron experiments. In this contribution, a review is given of the most recent determinations of the W boson mass (mW) at the Tevatron. The combined Tevatron result, mW = 80.420 +/- 0.031 GeV, is now more precise than the combined LEP result, leading to a world average value of mW = 80.399 +/- 0.023 GeV.Comment: 4 pages, 5 figures. Presented at the 22nd Rencontres de Blois, Blois, France, 15th - 20th July 201

    Attitudes towards waste minimisation amongst labour only sub-contractors

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    Waste generation by the construction industry is a significant issue for the industry and for society generally. The paper examines previous studies of attitudes to waste management within the industry and by means of a small questionnaire study sets out to examine: the extent of labour only sub-contractors’ awareness and understanding of waste as an issue, their perceptions of the causes of waste and their attitudes towards the allocation of financial responsibility for waste minimisation. The survey shows that the results of previous studies can be extended to labour only sub-contractors and it identifies a willingness, beyond what might have been anticipated for this group, to accept some of the costs of waste reduction

    A Definition of Metastability for Markov Processes with Detailed Balance

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    A definition of metastable states applicable to arbitrary finite state Markov processes satisfying detailed balance is discussed. In particular, we identify a crucial condition that distinguishes genuine metastable states from other types of slowly decaying modes and which leads to properties similar to those postulated in the restricted ensemble approach \cite{pen71}. The intuitive physical meaning of this condition is simply that the total equilibrium probability of finding the system in the metastable state is negligible. As a concrete application of our formalism we present preliminary results on a 2D kinetic Ising model.Comment: 5 pp. 1 Figure, presented in News, Expectations and Trends in Statistical Physics-3rd International Conference, 13-18 August 2005, Kolymbari Cret

    Memetic Multilevel Hypergraph Partitioning

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    Hypergraph partitioning has a wide range of important applications such as VLSI design or scientific computing. With focus on solution quality, we develop the first multilevel memetic algorithm to tackle the problem. Key components of our contribution are new effective multilevel recombination and mutation operations that provide a large amount of diversity. We perform a wide range of experiments on a benchmark set containing instances from application areas such VLSI, SAT solving, social networks, and scientific computing. Compared to the state-of-the-art hypergraph partitioning tools hMetis, PaToH, and KaHyPar, our new algorithm computes the best result on almost all instances
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