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    Action for IIB Supergravity in 10 dimensions

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    We review the construction of a manifestly covariant, supersymmetric and SL(2R) invariant action for IIB supergravity in D=10.Comment: 9 pages, LaTeX, Talk given at "Quantum Aspects of Gauge Theories, Supersymmetry and Unification", Greece, September 199

    A Covariant Action with a Constraint and Feynman Rules for Fermions in Open Superstring Field Theory

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    In a way analogous to type IIB supergravity, we give a covariant action for the fermion field supplemented with a constraint which should be imposed on equations of motion, in Berkovits' open superstring field theory. From this action we construct Feynman rules for computing perturbative amplitudes for fermions. We show that on-shell tree level 4-point amplitudes computed by using these rules coincide with those of the first quantization formalism.Comment: LaTeX, 14 pages, 4 figure

    Noncommutative Riemann Surfaces

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    We compactify M(atrix) theory on Riemann surfaces Sigma with genus g>1. Following [1], we construct a projective unitary representation of pi_1(Sigma) realized on L^2(H), with H the upper half-plane. As a first step we introduce a suitably gauged sl_2(R) algebra. Then a uniquely determined gauge connection provides the central extension which is a 2-cocycle of the 2nd Hochschild cohomology group. Our construction is the double-scaling limit N\to\infty, k\to-\infty of the representation considered in the Narasimhan-Seshadri theorem, which represents the higher-genus analog of 't Hooft's clock and shift matrices of QCD. The concept of a noncommutative Riemann surface Sigma_\theta is introduced as a certain C^\star-algebra. Finally we investigate the Morita equivalence.Comment: LaTeX, 1+14 pages. Contribution to the TMR meeting ``Quantum aspects of gauge theories, supersymmetry and unification'', Paris 1-7 September 199

    Pasti-Sorokin-Tonin Actions in the Presence of Sources

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    Pasti, Sorokin and Tonin have recently constructed manifestly Lorentz-invariant actions for self-dual field strengths and for Maxwell fields with manifest electromagnetic duality. Using the method of Deser, Gomberoff, Henneaux and Teitelboim, we generalize these actions in the presence of sources.Comment: 6 pages, LaTe

    Symmetries and degrees of freedom in 2-dimensional dual models

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    The 2-dimensional version of the Schwarz and Sen duality model (Tseytlin model) is analyzed at the classical and quantum levels. The solutions are obtained after removing the gauge dependent sector using the Dirac method. The Poincar\`e invariance is verified at both levels. An extension with global supersymmetry is also proposed.Comment: 3 pages, revtex, minor correction

    Manifest Duality in Born-Infeld Theory

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    Born-Infeld theory is formulated using an infinite set of gauge fields, along the lines of McClain, Wu and Yu. In this formulation electromagnetic duality is generated by a fully local functional. The resulting consistency problems are analyzed and the formulation is shown to be consistent.Comment: 15 pages, Late

    The M five brane on a torus

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    The D-3 brane is examined from the point of view of the wrapped M-theory five brane on a torus. In particular, the S-dual versions of the 3-brane are identified as coming from different gauge choices of the auxiliary field that is introduced in the PST description of the five brane world volume theory.Comment: 7 pages. To appear in proceedings of "Quantum aspects of gauge theories, supergravity and unification", Corfu, September 1998, typos correcte
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