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    Cat state, sub-Planck structure and weak measurement

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    Heisenberg-limited and weak measurements are the two intriguing notions, used in recent times for enhancing the sensitivity of measurements in quantum metrology. Using a quantum cat state, endowed with sub-Planck structure, we connect these two novel concepts. It is demonstrated that these two phenomena manifest in complementary regimes, depending upon the degree of overlap between the mesoscopic states constituting the cat state under consideration. In particular, we find that when sub-Planck structure manifests, the imaginary weak value is obscured and vice-versa.Comment: 7 pages, 7 figure

    Complex Solitary Waves and Soliton Trains in KdV and mKdV Equations

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    We demonstrate the existence of complex solitary wave and periodic solutions of the Kortweg de-vries (KdV) and modified Kortweg de-Vries (mKdV) equations. The solutions of the KdV (mKdV) equation appear in complex-conjugate pairs and are even (odd) under the simultaneous actions of parity (P\cal{P}) and time-reversal (T\cal{T}) operations. The corresponding localized solitons are hydrodynamic analogs of Bloch soliton in magnetic system, with asymptotically vanishing intensity. The PT\cal{PT}-odd complex soliton solution is shown to be iso-spectrally connected to the fundamental sech2sech^2 solution through supersymmetry