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    Introduction to co-split Lie algebras

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    In this work, we introduce a new concept which is obtained by defining a new compatibility condition between Lie algebras and Lie coalgebras. With this terminology, we describe the interrelation between the Killing form and the adjoint representation in a new perspective

    Integral formulas for wave functions of quantum many-body problems and representations of gl(n)

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    We derive explicit integral formulas for eigenfunctions of quantum integrals of the Calogero-Sutherland-Moser operator with trigonometric interaction potential. In particular, we derive explicit formulas for Jack's symmetric functions. To obtain such formulas, we use the representation of these eigenfunctions by means of traces of intertwining operators between certain modules over the Lie algebra gln\frak gl_n, and the realization of these modules on functions of many variables.Comment: 6 pages. One reference ([FF]) has been corrected. New references and an introduction have been adde

    On pointed Hopf algebras associated to unmixed conjugacy classes in S_n

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    Let s in S_n be a product of disjoint cycles of the same length, C the conjugacy class of s and rho an irreducible representation of the isotropy group of s. We prove that either the Nichols algebra B(C, rho) is infinite-dimensional, or the braiding of the Yetter-Drinfeld module is negative

    Twisted traces of quantum intertwiners and quantum dynamical R-matrices corresponding to generalized Belavin-Drinfeld triples

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    This paper is a continuation of math.QA/9907181 and math.QA/9908115. We consider traces of intertwiners between certain representations of the quantized enveloping algebra associated to a semisimple complex Lie algebra g, which are twisted by a ``generalized Belavin-Drinfeld triple'', i.e a triple consisting of two subdiagrams of the Dynkin diagram of g together with an isomorphism between them. The generating functions F(lambda,mu) for such traces depend on two weights lambda and mu. We show that F(lambda,mu) satisfy two sets of difference equations in the variable lambda: the Macdonald-Ruijsenaars (MR) equations and the quantum Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov (qKZB) equations. These equations involve as a main ingredient the quantum dynamical R-matrices constructed in math.QA/9912009. When the generalized Belavin-Drinfeld triple is an automorphism, we show that F(lambda,mu) satisfy another two sets of difference equations with respect to the weight mu. These dual MR and dual qKZB equations involve the usual Felder's dynamical R-matrix. These results were first obtained by the first author and A. Varchenko in the special case of the trivial Belavin-Drinfeld triple. However, the symmetry between lambda and mu which exists in that case is destroyed in the twisted setting. At the end, we brielfly treat the (simialr) case of Kac-Moody algebras g and derive the classical limits of all the previous results.Comment: 30 pages, late
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