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    Massive liquid Ar and Xe detectors for direct Dark Matter searches

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    A novel experiment for direct searches of the Dark Matter with liquid argon double-phase chamber with a mass of liquid Ar up to several hundred tons is proposed. To suppress the b-, g- and n0- backgrounds, the comparison of scintillation and ionization signals for every event is suggested. The addition in liquid Ar of photosensitive Ge(CH3)4 or C2H4 and suppression of triplet component of scintillation signals ensures the detection of scintillation signals with high efficiency and provides a complete suppression of the electron background. For the detection of photoelectrons and ionization electrons, highly stable and reliable GEM detectors must be used.Comment: 8 pages, 2 figures, 1 tabl

    Strong vortex-antivortex fluctuations in the type II superconducting film

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    The small size vortex-antivortex pairs proliferation in type II superconducting film is considered for the wide interval of temperatures below Tc. The corresponding contribution to free energy is calculated. It is shown that these fluctuations give the main contribution to the heat capacity of the film both at low temperatures and in the vicinity of transition

    Mediatic graphs

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    Any medium can be represented as an isometric subgraph of the hypercube, with each token of the medium represented by a particular equivalence class of arcs of the subgraph. Such a representation, although useful, is not especially revealing of the structure of a particular medium. We propose an axiomatic definition of the concept of a `mediatic graph'. We prove that the graph of any medium is a mediatic graph. We also show that, for any non-necessarily finite set S, there exists a bijection from the collection M of all the media on a given set S (of states) onto the collection G of all the mediatic graphs on S.Comment: Four axioms replaced by two; two references added; Fig.6 correcte

    Spin crossover: the quantum phase transition induced by high pressure

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    The relationship is established between the Berry phase and spin crossover in condensed matter physics induced by high pressure. It is shown that the geometric phase has topological origin and can be considered as the order parameter for such transition.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figure

    A new class of nodal stationary states in 2D Heisenberg ferromagnet

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    A new class of nodal topological excitations in a two-dimensional Heisenberg model is studied. The solutions correspond to a nodal singular point of the gradient field of the azimuthal angle. An analytical solution found for the isotropic case. An effect of in-plane exchange anisotropy is studied numerically. It results in solutions which are analogues of the conventional out-of-plane solitons in the two-dimensional magnets.Comment: 5 figure