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    Measurements of VV Boson Production And Self-Interactions in The Semileptonic Channel at CMS

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    We present a summary of the latest measurements of the VV crosssections, where V=W or Z and one of the bosons decays into a pair of jets while the other decays leptonically. The data sample(s) correspond to proton-proton collision events collected with the CMS detector at sqrt{s} = 7 TeV. Subsequent searches for Anomalous Triple Gauge couplings, which allow us to probe the non-Abelian structure in the Electroweak Sector, are described. We present the exclusion limits on the corresponding couplings.Comment: Presentation at the DPF 2013 Meeting of the American Physical Society Division of Particles and Fields, Santa Cruz, California, August 13-17, 201

    Penilaian Kinerja Keuangan Koperasi di Kabupaten Pelalawan

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    This paper describe development and financial performance of cooperative in District Pelalawan among 2007 - 2008. Studies on primary and secondary cooperative in 12 sub-districts. Method in this stady use performance measuring of productivity, efficiency, growth, liquidity, and solvability of cooperative. Productivity of cooperative in Pelalawan was highly but efficiency still low. Profit and income were highly, even liquidity of cooperative very high, and solvability was good

    Search for stop and higgsino production using diphoton Higgs boson decays