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    Combining link and content-based information in a Bayesian inference model for entity search

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    An architectural model of a Bayesian inference network to support entity search in semantic knowledge bases is presented. The model supports the explicit combination of primitive data type and object-level semantics under a single computational framework. A flexible query model is supported capable to reason with the availability of simple semantics in querie

    Integrating public datasets using linked data: challenges and design principles

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    The world is moving from a state where there is paucity of data to one of surfeit. These data, and datasets, are normally in different datastores and of different formats. Connecting these datasets together will increase their value and help discover interesting relationships amongst them. This paper describes our experience of using Linked Data to inter-operate these different datasets, the challenges we faced, and the solutions we devised. The paper concludes with apposite design principles for using linked data to inter-operate disparate datasets

    Genius, stupidity and genius again

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