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    Symmetry-protected topological order and negative-sign problem for SO(N) bilinear-biquadratic chains

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    Using a generalized Jordan-Wigner transformation combined with the defining representation of the SO(N) spin, we map the SO(N) bilinear-biquadratic(BLBQ) spin chain into the N-color bosonic particle model. We find that, when the Jordan-Wigner transformation disentangles the symmetry-protected topological entanglement, this bosonic model becomes negative-sign free in the context of quantum Monte-Carlo simulation. For the SO(3) case, moreover, the Kennedy-Tasaki transformation for the S=1 BLBQ chain, which is also a topological disentangler, derives the same bosonic model through the dimer-R bases. We present the temperature dependence of the energy, entropy and string order parameter for the SO(N=3, 4, 5) BLBQ chains by a world-line Monte-Carlo simulation for the N-color bosonic particle model.Comment: published in PR