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    Towards Nonperturbative Renormalizability of Quantum Einstein Gravity

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    We summarize recent evidence supporting the conjecture that four-dimensional Quantum Einstein Gravity (QEG) is nonperturbatively renormalizable along the lines of Weinberg's asymptotic safety scenario. This would mean that QEG is mathematically consistent and predictive even at arbitrarily small length scales below the Planck length. For a truncated version of the exact flow equation of the effective average action we establish the existence of a non-Gaussian renormalization group fixed point which is suitable for the construction of a nonperturbative infinite cutoff-limit. The cosmological implications of this fixed point are discussed, and it is argued that QEG might solve the horizon and flatness problem of standard cosmology without an inflationary period.Comment: 10 pages, latex, 1 figur

    Contraints on Matter from Asymptotic Safety

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    Recent studies of the ultraviolet behaviour of pure gravity suggest that it admits a non-Gaussian attractive fixed point, and therefore that the theory is asymptotically safe. We consider the effect on this fixed point of massless minimally coupled matter fields. The existence of a UV attractive fixed point puts bounds on the type and number of such fields.Comment: 5 pages, 2 figures, revtex4; introduction expande

    Asymptotic Safety of Gravity Coupled to Matter

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    Nonperturbative treatments of the UV limit of pure gravity suggest that it admits a stable fixed point with positive Newton's constant and cosmological constant. We prove that this result is stable under the addition of a scalar field with a generic potential and nonminimal couplings to the scalar curvature. There is a fixed point where the mass and all nonminimal scalar interactions vanish while the gravitational couplings have values which are almost identical to the pure gravity case. We discuss the linearized flow around this fixed point and find that the critical surface is four-dimensional. In the presence of other, arbitrary, massless minimally coupled matter fields, the existence of the fixed point, the sign of the cosmological constant and the dimension of the critical surface depend on the type and number of fields. In particular, for some matter content, there exist polynomial asymptotically free scalar potentials, thus providing a solution to the well-known problem of triviality.Comment: 18 pages,typeset with revtex

    Asymptotic safety, hypergeometric functions, and the Higgs mass in spectral action models

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    We study the renormalization group flow for the Higgs self coupling in the presence of gravitational correction terms. We show that the resulting equation is equivalent to a singular linear ODE, which has explicit solutions in terms of hypergeometric functions. We discuss the implications of this model with gravitational corrections on the Higgs mass estimates in particle physics models based on the spectral action functional.Comment: 25 pages, LaTeX, 8 PDF figure

    Improved Action Functionals in Non-Perturbative Quantum Gravity

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    Models of gravity with variable G and Lambda have acquired greater relevance after the recent evidence in favour of the Einstein theory being non-perturbatively renormalizable in the Weinberg sense. The present paper builds a modified Arnowitt-Deser-Misner (ADM) action functional for such models which leads to a power-law growth of the scale factor for pure gravity and for a massless phi**4 theory in a Universe with Robertson-Walker symmetry, in agreement with the recently developed fixed-point cosmology. Interestingly, the renormalization-group flow at the fixed point is found to be compatible with a Lagrangian description of the running quantities G and Lambda.Comment: Latex file. Record without file already exists on SLAC-SPIRES, and hence that record and the one for the present arxiv submission should become one record onl

    Background Independence and Asymptotic Safety in Conformally Reduced Gravity

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    We analyze the conceptual role of background independence in the application of the effective average action to quantum gravity. Insisting on a background independent renormalization group (RG) flow the coarse graining operation must be defined in terms of an unspecified variable metric since no rigid metric of a fixed background spacetime is available. This leads to an extra field dependence in the functional RG equation and a significantly different RG flow in comparison to the standard flow equation with a rigid metric in the mode cutoff. The background independent RG flow can possess a non-Gaussian fixed point, for instance, even though the corresponding standard one does not. We demonstrate the importance of this universal, essentially kinematical effect by computing the RG flow of Quantum Einstein Gravity in the ``conformally reduced'' Einstein--Hilbert approximation which discards all degrees of freedom contained in the metric except the conformal one. Without the extra field dependence the resulting RG flow is that of a simple Ď•4\phi^4-theory. Including it one obtains a flow with exactly the same qualitative properties as in the full Einstein--Hilbert truncation. In particular it possesses the non-Gaussian fixed point which is necessary for asymptotic safety.Comment: 4 figures

    A Class of Renormalization Group Invariant Scalar Field Cosmologies

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    We present a class of scalar field cosmologies with a dynamically evolving Newton parameter GG and cosmological term Λ\Lambda. In particular, we discuss a class of solutions which are consistent with a renormalization group scaling for GG and Λ\Lambda near a fixed point. Moreover, we propose a modified action for gravity which includes the effective running of GG and Λ\Lambda near the fixed point. A proper understanding of the associated variational problem is obtained upon considering the four-dimensional gradient of the Newton parameter.Comment: 10 pages, RevTex4, no figures, to appear on GR

    Is Quantum Einstein Gravity Nonperturbatively Renormalizable?

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    We find considerable evidence supporting the conjecture that four-dimensional Quantum Einstein Gravity is ``asymptotically safe'' in Weinberg's sense. This would mean that the theory is likely to be nonperturbatively renormalizable and thus could be considered a fundamental (rather than merely effective) theory which is mathematically consistent and predictive down to arbitrarily small length scales. For a truncated version of the exact flow equation of the effective average action we establish the existence of a non-Gaussian renormalization group fixed point which is suitable for the construction of a nonperturbative infinite cutoff-limit. The truncation ansatz includes the Einstein-Hilbert action and a higher derivative term.Comment: 18 pages, latex, 3 figure
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