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    Determining gamma using B->D^**K

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    We propose the use of B -->D^**K decay modes for a theoretically clean determination of the weak phase gamma. The self tagging decays of the neutral D^** mesons, makes a measurement of the b --> u\bar{c}s amplitude feasible. This overcomes the problem with the Gronau-London-Wyler proposal. Even an upper limit on the branching ratio for B^- -->bar{D}^{**0}K^- will place an assumption free, lower bound on gamma.Comment: 7 pages, LaTex, 1 figure. Minor changes and some references adde

    Tau contribution and precision measurement of theta23 at a neutrino factory

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    We discuss precision measurements of the leading atmospheric parameters at a standard neutrino factory. The oscillation of the muon and electron neutrinos (anti-neutrinos) to tau neutrinos (anti-neutrinos) adds to the muon events sample (both right sign and wrong sign) via leptonic decays of the taus produced through charge-current interactions in the detector. We focus on how this contribution affects a precision measurement of the atmospheric mixing parameters and the deviation of muon neutrino -- tau neutrino mixing from maximality.Comment: 4 pages, 5 figures, presented by NS at the 11th International Workshop on Neutrino Factories, Superbeams and Beta Beams (Nufact09), July 20-25, 2009, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, US
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