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    Aplikasi Openstreetmap Untuk Sistem Informasi Geografis Kantor Pelayanan Umum (Studi Kasus: Kota Salatiga)

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    Salatiga is a city with populous region and growths rapidly in every aspects such economy, social, indusry and culture. Salatiga Municipality was administratively divided into four districts and 22 villages, with the total population in 2012 were 186.087 persons. Public office is responsible to provide services according their responsibility to public in Salatiga Municipality. To support and facilitate how to provide services effectively, there is a way to use an application based Geographic Information System (GIS) to display the distributed location and related information from each public offices. One of media to share the information completely and easily access anywhere is by using website.This research using spatial data coordinates of the position from collected coordinate points using GPS Handheld and atributtes data are the information from related offices. To stake and build a geographic information to public office in Salatiga Manicipality is using facilities of OpenstreetMap then developed using HTML website framework, MySQL with phpMyAdmin features used as database and OpenStreetMap API.The final result of this research is the application of GIS public service offices in Salatiga Municipality equipped with information of each village offices, district offices, religious offices, and public health service offices. The application used features and fasilities from OpenStreetMap