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    Tricks to implement the overlap Dirac operator

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    I present several tricks to help implement the overlap Dirac operator numerically.Comment: 3 pages, latex, espcrc2.st

    Lattice Chirality

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    The external fermion propagator and the internal fermion propagator in the overlap are given by different matrices. A generic problem (formulated by Pelissetto) faced by all chiral, non-local, propagators of Rebbi type is avoided in this manner. Nussinov-Weingarten-Witten mass inequalities are exactly preserved. It is sketched how to obtain simple lattice chiral Yukawa models and simple expressions for covariant currents. Going beyond my oral presentation, I have added to the write-up several comments on Niedermayer's talk. His transparencies are available on the internet.Comment: LATTICE98(chiral

    The fourth root of the Kogut-Susskind determinant via infinite component fields

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    An example of interpolation by means of local field theories between the case of normal Kogut-Susskind fermions and the case of keeping just the fourth root of the Kogut-Susskind determinant is given. For the fourth root trick to be a valid approximation certain limits need to be smooth. The question about the validity of the fourth root trick is not resolved, only cast into a local field theoretical framework.Comment: 2

    Wavelets and Lattice Field Theory

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    When continuous fields are expanded in a wavelet basis, a D-dimensional continuum action becomes a (D+1)-dimensional lattice action on the naively discretized Poincare-patch coordinates of an Euclidean AdS(D+1). New possible criteria for acceptable actions open up.Comment: 7 pages. Contribution to Lattice2017, 18-24 June, Granada, Spai
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