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    The Economic Aspects of the Islamic State in the Era of the Prophet According to the Roman Orientalist Constance Giorgio in His Book: A New Look at the Biography of the Messenger of God

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    The Prophet’s conquests had important effects on the various political, economic, and military aspects of the Prophet’s era, and among those effects was what Giorgio reported about the impact of some conquests on the economic aspect of the people of Mecca..The current research sought to show that effect through two main points. In the first, the study described Giorgio’s opinion on the economic role of preventing Mecca's commercial caravans from crossing the roads of Medina.The second point dealt with the company of Abdullah bin Jahsh and its economic role, which was reflected in the preparation of the Quraysh and the Muslims and their readiness for the other, which resulted in the Battle of Badr.Through these two axes, some results have been reached that will be included in this study at its conclusion, God willing. This is because one of Giorgio’s most prominent interests in his study and focus was on the battles that had economic repercussions in addition to the military and religious aspects. Moreover, Giorgio was the only one with different numbers. According to the sources of the Arabic biography of the Prophet, he mentions the number of participants in Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib’s squadron (40) men attacked a Quraysh trade caravan. According to Giorgio, it also appeared that there was a significant economic impact due to preventing the Quraysh tribe from passing its convoys through the roads of Medina and the tribes allied with the Muslims. The topics and others will be the focus of this study and its work, in which it was separated, analyzed and concluded