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    A Generalization of the Exponential-Poisson Distribution

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    The two-parameter distribution known as exponential-Poisson (EP) distribution, which has decreasing failure rate, was introduced by Kus (2007). In this paper we generalize the EP distribution and show that the failure rate of the new distribution can be decreasing or increasing. The failure rate can also be upside-down bathtub shaped. A comprehensive mathematical treatment of the new distribution is provided. We provide closed-form expressions for the density, cumulative distribution, survival and failure rate functions; we also obtain the density of the iith order statistic. We derive the rrth raw moment of the new distribution and also the moments of order statistics. Moreover, we discuss estimation by maximum likelihood and obtain an expression for Fisher's information matrix. Furthermore, expressions for the R\'enyi and Shannon entropies are given and estimation of the stress-strength parameter is discussed. Applications using two real data sets are presented

    On the Necessity of Superparametric Geometry Representation for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods on Domains with Curved Boundaries

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    We provide numerical evidence demonstrating the necessity of employing a superparametric geometry representation in order to obtain optimal convergence orders on two-dimensional domains with curved boundaries when solving the Euler equations using Discontinuous Galerkin methods. However, concerning the obtention of optimal convergence orders for the Navier-Stokes equations, we demonstrate numerically that the use of isoparametric geometry representation is sufficient for the case considered here.Comment: AIAA Aviation 2017 conference pape