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    Services provided in support of the planetary quarantine requirements of NASA Progress report, Oct. 1 - Dec. 31, 1968

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    Dry heat resistances of bacterial spores, and levels of microbial contamination on Apollo spacecraf

    Survey of Australian father\u27s attitudes towards infant vaccination: Findings from the Australian Father\u27s Study

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    Objective: To investigate the attitudes of expectant Australian fathers towards vaccination, and to identify factors which may influence these attitudes. Methods: A cross-sectional survey study of 407 Australian men with expectant partners, mean age 30.4 (SD 6.7). Self reported attitude, level of knowledge and information resources accessed regarding pregnancy related issues. Participant demographics collected included: Age, number of children, relationship status, level of education, employment information and smoking status. Results: Majority (89%) of participants had a positive attitude towards infant vaccination, 9% felt neutral and 2% had negative attitudes. Positive attitudes towards vaccination were associated with lower self-reported knowledge of pregnancy issues but a higher likelihood of discussing pregnancy issues with health care providers rather than sourcing information from the internet (both p\u3c0.001). Conclusion: A majority of Australian expectant fathers have a positive attitude towards infant vaccination. Fathers with negative attitudes to vaccination self-reported higher levels of knowledge. They were more likely to obtain information from the Internet instead of healthcare staff. Implication for public health: Including fathers in health discussion with knowledgeable health care providers may result in increased vaccine uptake

    Meteorological buoy observations from the central Iceland Sea

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    Author Posting. © American Geophysical Union, 2015. This article is posted here by permission of American Geophysical Union for personal use, not for redistribution. The definitive version was published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 120 (2015): 3199–3208, doi:10.1002/2014JD022584.We present the first continuous in situ atmospheric observations from the central Iceland Sea collected from a meteorological buoy deployed for a 2 year period between 23 November 2007 and 21 August 2009. We use these observations to evaluate the ERA-Interim reanalysis product and demonstrate that it represented low-level meteorological fields and surface turbulent fluxes in this region very well. The buoy observations showed that moderate to strong winds were common from any direction, while wind speeds below 5 ms−1 were relatively rare. The observed low-level air temperature and surface heat fluxes were related to the wind direction with cold-air outbreaks most common from the northwest. Mean wintertime turbulent heat fluxes were modest (<60 Wm−2), but the range was substantial. High heat flux events, greater than 200 Wm−2, typically occurred every 1–2 weeks in the winter, with each event lasting on average 2.5 days with an average total turbulent heat flux of ∼200 Wm−2 out of the ocean. The most pronounced high heat flux events over the central Iceland Sea were associated with cold-air outbreaks from the north and west forced by a deep Lofoten Low over the Norwegian Sea.This work was funded in part by the Ocean and Climate Change Institute at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and NSF grant OCE-1433958.2015-10-2

    A Reciprocity Theorem for Monomer-Dimer Coverings

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    The problem of counting monomer-dimer coverings of a lattice is a longstanding problem in statistical mechanics. It has only been exactly solved for the special case of dimer coverings in two dimensions. In earlier work, Stanley proved a reciprocity principle governing the number N(m,n)N(m,n) of dimer coverings of an mm by nn rectangular grid (also known as perfect matchings), where mm is fixed and nn is allowed to vary. As reinterpreted by Propp, Stanley's result concerns the unique way of extending N(m,n)N(m,n) to n<0n < 0 so that the resulting bi-infinite sequence, N(m,n)N(m,n) for nZn \in {Z}, satisfies a linear recurrence relation with constant coefficients. In particular, Stanley shows that N(m,n)N(m,n) is always an integer satisfying the relation N(m,2n)=ϵm,nN(m,n)N(m,-2-n) = \epsilon_{m,n}N(m,n) where ϵm,n=1\epsilon_{m,n} = 1 unless mm\equiv 2(mod 4) and nn is odd, in which case ϵm,n=1\epsilon_{m,n} = -1. Furthermore, Propp's method is applicable to higher-dimensional cases. This paper discusses similar investigations of the numbers M(m,n)M(m,n), of monomer-dimer coverings, or equivalently (not necessarily perfect) matchings of an mm by nn rectangular grid. We show that for each fixed mm there is a unique way of extending M(m,n)M(m,n) to n<0n < 0 so that the resulting bi-infinite sequence, M(m,n)M(m,n) for nZn \in {Z}, satisfies a linear recurrence relation with constant coefficients. We show that M(m,n)M(m,n), a priori a rational number, is always an integer, using a generalization of the combinatorial model offered by Propp. Lastly, we give a new statement of reciprocity in terms of multivariate generating functions from which Stanley's result follows.Comment: 13 pages, 12 figures, to appear in the proceedings of the Discrete Models for Complex Systems (DMCS) 2003 conference. (v2 - some minor changes

    Enhancement of in vitro Guayule propagation

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    A method for stimulating in vitro propagation of Guayule from a nutrient medium containing Guayule tissue by adding a substituted trialkyl amine bioinducing agent to the nutrient medium is described. Selective or differentiated propagation of shoots or callus is obtained by varying the amounts of substituted trialky amine present in the nutrient medium. The luxuriant growth provided may be processed for its poly isoprene content or may be transferred to a rooting medium for production of whole plants as identical clones of the original tissue. The method also provides for the production of large numbers of Guayule plants having identical desirable properties such as high polyisoprene levels

    Do men consult less than women? An analysis of routinely collected UK general practice data

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    &lt;p&gt;Objective To examine whether gender differences in primary care consultation rates (1) vary by age and deprivation status and (2) diminish when consultation for reproductive reasons or common underlying morbidities are accounted for.&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;Design Cross-sectional study of a cohort of patients registered with general practice.&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;Setting UK primary care.&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;Subjects Patients (1 869 149 men and 1 916 898 women) registered with 446 eligible practices in 2010.&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;Primary outcome measures Primary care consultation rate.&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;Results This study analyses routinely collected primary care consultation data. The crude consultation rate was 32% lower in men than women. The magnitude of gender difference varied across the life course, and there was no ‘excess’ female consulting in early and later life. The greatest gender gap in primary care consultations was seen among those aged between 16 and 60 years. Gender differences in consulting were higher in people from more deprived areas than among those from more affluent areas. Accounting for reproductive-related consultations diminished but did not eradicate the gender gap. However, consultation rates in men and women who had comparable underlying morbidities (as assessed by receipt of medication) were similar; men in receipt of antidepressant medication were only 8% less likely to consult than women in receipt of antidepressant medication (relative risk (RR) 0.916, 95% CI 0.913 to 0.918), and men in receipt of medication to treat cardiovascular disease were just 5% less likely to consult (RR=0.950, 95% CI 0.948 to 0.952) than women receiving similar medication. These small gender differences diminished further, particularly for depression (RR=0.950, 95% CI 0.947 to 0.953), after also taking account of reproductive consultations.&lt;/p&gt; &lt;p&gt;Conclusions Overall gender differences in consulting are most marked between the ages of 16 and 60 years; these differences are only partially accounted for by consultations for reproductive reasons. Differences in consultation rates between men and women were largely eradicated when comparing men and women in receipt of medication for similar underlying morbidities.&lt;/p&gt

    Wireless Communication in Process Control Loop: Requirements Analysis, Industry Practices and Experimental Evaluation

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    Wireless communication is already used in process automation for process monitoring. The next stage of implementation of wireless technology in industrial applications is for process control. The need for wireless networked control systems has evolved because of the necessity for extensibility, mobility, modularity, fast deployment, and reduced installation and maintenance cost. These benefits are only applicable given that the wireless network of choice can meet the strict requirements of process control applications, such as latency. In this regard, this paper is an effort towards identifying current industry practices related to implementing process control over a wireless link and evaluates the suitability of ISA100.11a network for use in process control through experiments

    Turbojet blade vibration data acquisition design and feasibility testing

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    A turbojet blade vibration data acquisition system was designed to allow the measurement of blade vibration. The data acquisition system utilizing 96 microprocessors to gather data from optical probes, store, sort and transmit to the central computer is described. Areas of high technical risk were identified and a two-microprocessor system was breadboarded and tested to investigate these areas. Results show that the system was feasible and that low technical risk would be involved in proceeding with the complete system fabrication

    The Joint Ventures Law of the People\u27s Republic of China in a Legislated and Negotiated Tax Climate

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    This Note examines the JVL as a new law in a society historically hesitant to structure its business dealings with a legal framework or to allow outsiders access to domestic investment. In the context of the Chinese policy to expand international commercial agreements and technical capabilities, this Note further focuses on the impact of The Income Tax Law of the People\u27s Republic of China Concerning Joint Ventures With Chinese and Foreign lnvestment (JVTL) and The Detailed Rules and Regulations For the Implementation of the Income Tax Law of the People\u27s Republic of China Concerning Joint Ventures With Chinese and Foreign Investment21 (JVTR) on a culture which has preferred negotiations of laws and rules between business partners and which has permitted such flexibility to spill over into these new laws


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    The Persistent Cyber Training Environment (PCTE) has been developed as the joint force solution to provide a single training environment for cyberspace operations. PCTE offers a closed network for Joint Cyberspace Operations Forces, which provides a range of training solutions from individual sustainment training to mission rehearsal and post-operation analysis. Currently, PCTE does not have the ability to replay previously executed training scenarios or external scenarios. Replaying cyber mission data on a digital twin virtual network within PCTE would support operator training as well as enable development and testing of new strategies for offensive and defensive cyberspace operations. A necessary first step in developing such a tool is to acquire network specifications for a target network, or to extract network specifications from a cyber mission data set. This research developed a program design and proof-of-concept tool, Automated Cyber Operations Mission Data Replay (ACOMDR), to extract a portion of the network specifications necessary to instantiate a digital twin network within PCTE from cyber mission data. From this research, we were able to identify key areas for future work to increase the fidelity of the network specification and replay cyber events within PCTE.Captain, United States Marine CorpsApproved for public release. Distribution is unlimited