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    We extend the usual world-volume action for a Dp-brane to the case of N coincident Dp-branes where the world-volume theory involves a U(N) gauge theory. The guiding principle in our construction is that the action should be consistent with the familiar rules of T-duality. The resulting action involves a variety of potential terms, i.e., nonderivative interactions, for the nonabelian scalar fields. This action also shows that Dp-branes naturally couple to RR potentials of all form degrees, including both larger and smaller than p+1. We consider the dynamics resulting from this action for Dp-branes moving in nontrivial background fields, and illustrate how the Dp-branes are ``polarized'' by external fields. In a simple example, we show that a system of D0-branes in an external RR four-form field expands into a noncommutative two-sphere, which is interpreted as the formation of a spherical D2-D0 bound state.Comment: 33 pages, Latex, 2 ref.'s added, few typo's fixe

    The Free Energy of N=4 Super-Yang-Mills and the AdS/CFT Correspondence

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    We compute the high-temperature limit of the free energy for four-dimensional N=4 supersymmetric SU(N_c) Yang-Mills theory. At weak coupling we do so for a general ultrastatic background spacetime, and in the presence of slowly-varying background gauge fields. Using Maldacena's conjectured duality, we calculate the strong-coupling large-N_c expression for the special case that the three-space has constant curvature. We compare the two results paying particular attention to curvature corrections to the leading order expressions.Comment: 26 pages.Minor corrections to eqs.(19),(21). Results and conclusions unchanged. References adde

    Fractional Branes and the Entropy of 4D Black Holes

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    We reconsider the four dimensional extremal black hole constructed in type IIB string theory as the bound state of D1-branes, D5-branes, momentum, and Kaluza-Klein monopoles. Specifically, we examine the case of an arbitrary number of monopoles. Consequently, the weak coupling calculation of the microscopic entropy requires a study of the D1-D5 system on an ALE space. We find that the complete expression for the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy is obtained by taking into account the massless open strings stretched between the fractional D-branes which arise in the orbifold limit of the ALE space. The black hole sector therefore arises as a mixed Higgs-Coulomb branch of an effective 1+1 dimensional gauge theory.Comment: 12 pages. 1 figure. v2: References adde
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