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    125 Gbit/s discretely tunable InP-on-silicon filtered feedback laser with sub-nanosecond wavelength switching times

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    A heterogeneously integrated InP-on-silicon fast tunable filtered feedback laser is demonstrated. The laser device consists of a main Fabry-Pérot cavity connected to an integrated arrayed waveguide grating of which the outputs form external cavities in which semiconductor optical amplifiers can be switched to provide single-mode operation and tunability. The laser can operate at four different wavelengths whereby switching between each wavelength channel is done within one nanosecond. For each wavelength channel 12.5 Gbit/s NRZ-OOK direct modulation is demonstrated. The combination of fast wavelength switching with straightforward wavelength control and high-speed direct modulation characteristics make the demonstrated laser structure very attractive for use in optical packet or burst switching systems

    Bimodal waveguide interferometer RI sensor fabricated on low-cost polymer platform

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    A refractive index sensor based on bimodal waveguide interferometer is demonstrated on the low-cost polymer platform for the first time. Different from conventional interferometers which make use of the interference between the light from two arms, bimodal waveguide interferometers utilize the interference between the two different internal modes in the waveguide. Since the utilized first higher mode has a wide evanescent tail which interacts with the external environment, the interferometer can reach a high sensitivity. Instead of vertical bimodal structure which is normally employed, the lateral bimodal waveguide is adopted in order to simplify the fabrication process. A unique offset between the centers of single mode waveguide and bimodal waveguide is designed to excite the two different modes with equal power which contributes to the maximum fringe visibility. The bimodal waveguide interferometer is finally fabricated on optical polymer (Ormocore) which is transparent at both infrared and visible wavelengths. It is fabricated using the UV-based soft imprint technique which is simple and reproductive. The bulk sensitivity of fabricated interferometer sensor with a 5 mm sensing length is characterized using different mass concentration sodium chloride solutions. The sensitivity is obtained as 316 pi rad/RIU and the extinction ratio can reach 18 dB

    Modelling of all-optical signal processing using SOI PICs with amorphous silicon

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