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    Tuning the Mott transition in a Bose-Einstein condensate by multi-photon absorption

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    We study the time-dependent dynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate trapped in an optical lattice. Modeling the system as a Bose-Hubbard model, we show how applying a periodic driving field can induce coherent destruction of tunneling. In the low-frequency regime, we obtain the novel result that the destruction of tunneling displays extremely sharp peaks when the driving frequency is resonant with the depth of the trapping potential (``multi-photon resonances''), which allows the quantum phase transition between the Mott insulator and the superfluid state to be controlled with high precision. We further show how the waveform of the field can be chosen to maximize this effect.Comment: Minor changes, this version to be published in Phys. Rev. Let

    Quantum chaos with spin-chains in pulsed magnetic fields

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    Recently it was found that the dynamics in a Heisenberg spin-chain subjected to a sequence of periodic pulses from an external, parabolic, magnetic field can have a close correspondence with the quantum kicked rotor (QKR). The QKR is a key paradigm of quantum chaos; it has as its classical limit the well-known Standard Map. It was found that a single spin excitation could be converted into a pair of non-dispersive, counter-propagating spin coherent states equivalent to the accelerator modes of the Standard Map. Here we consider how other types of quantum chaotic systems such as a double-kicked quantum rotor or a quantum rotor with a double-well potential might be realized with spin chains; we discuss the possibilities regarding manipulation of the one-magnon spin waves.Comment: 10 pages, 4 figures. Submitted to PTP special issue for QMC200