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    Hubungan Tindakan Personal Hygiene Ibu Dengan Kejadian Diare Pada Balita Di Puskesmas Bilalang Kota Kotamobagu

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    : Diarrheal disease is still a public health problem in this development country such as Indonesia, because moritility anda mobidility are still high. Diarrhea is the second cause among toddler after pneumonia. Low coverage o personnel hygiene and enviromental sanitation oten a risk factor for the occurene of diarrhea\u27s outbreaks. National data issued by the health department of Indonesia said that every year thera are 100.000 children died o diarrhea. The aim is to determine the relationship ith the mother\u27s personnel hygiene measures the incidence of diarrhea in infants at health center working area Bilalang Kota Kotamobagu. Research design is cross sectional. Population is all of toddler are experiencing of diarrhea at health center working area Bilalang. Sample o Research are 42 respondents. Research\u27s Result are statical test chi square test at the signiacance level at 95% (α 0,05), indicating that there is a relationship between maternal personnel hygiene measures ith the incidence of diarrhea on toddler ith p value = 0,001 < 0,05. Conclusion o this research is realtionship beteen maternal personnel hygiene actions with diarrhea o p value < α = 0,05.Keywords