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    Exploring the QCD phase diagram through relativistic heavy ion collisions

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    We present a review of the studies related to establishing the QCD phase diagram through high energy nucleus-nucleus collisions. We particularly focus on the experimental results related to the formation of a quark-gluon phase, crossover transition and search for a critical point in the QCD phase diagram.Comment: 8 pages, based on invited talk at International Nuclear Physics Conference (INPC 2013), Firenze, Ital

    Event-by-event study of DCC-like fluctuation in ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions

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    A method based on sliding window scheme is developed to search for patches in the pseudorapidity-azimuth plane, on an event-by-event basis, having unusual fluctuation in the neutral pion fraction which may arise due to the formation of Disoriented Chrial Condensates (DCC) in high energy nuclear collisions. The efficiency of the method to extract the patches and the purity of the extracted sample are studied for possible experimental situations.Comment: 10 pages, 5 figure

    Bose Einstein Correlations in the Lund Model for Multijet Systems

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    The interference based analysis of Bose Einstein Correlations in the Lund Model has hitherto been limited to simple strings without gluonic excitations. A new fragmentation method based on the Area Law in the Lund Model allows such an analysis to be extended to multigluon strings.Comment: 10 pages, 8 figures, contribution to the proceedings of the X'th International Workshop on Multiparticle Production (Correlations and Fluctuations in QCD), Crete, Greece 8-15 June 200
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