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    Time-reversal and parity conservation for gravitating quarks

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    The complex mass term of a quark does not violate time-reversal or parity in gravitational interactions, in spite of an axial anomaly.Comment: 4 pages, to appear in Classical and Quantum Gravit

    Zeta function regularization, anomaly and complex mass term

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    If the zeta function regularization is used and a complex mass term considered for fermions, the phase does not appear in the fermion determinant. This is not a drawback of the regularization, which can recognize the phase through source terms, as demonstrated by the anomaly equation which is explicitly derived here for a complex mass term.Comment: 7 page

    Thermodynamics of charged anti-de Sitter black holes in canonical ensemble

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    As in the grand canonical treatment of Reissner - Nordstr\"{o}m black holes in anti-de Sitter spacetime, the canonical ensemble formulation also shows that non-extremal black holes tend to have lower action than extremal ones. However, some small non-extremal black holes have higher action, leading to the possibility of transitions between non-extremal and extremal black holes.Comment: LaTeX, 10 pages; minor post-publication change

    Quantization of Gauge Theories with Anomalies

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    In this talk, we briefly review the basic concepts of anomalous gauge theories. It has been known for some time how theories with local anomalies can be handled. Recently it has been pointed out that global anomalies, which obstruct the quantization of certain gauge theories in the temporal gauge, get bypassed in canonical quantization.Comment: Invited Talk at DAE Symposium, Santiniketan, 9 pages, LATE
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