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    MONDO: A neutron tracker for particle therapy secondary emission fluxes measurements

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    A charged particle passing through matter releases a considerable amount of energy at the end of its path. Thus, thanks to the spatial distribution of the deposited energy, particle therapy allows treating tumors with greater accuracy and efficiency than conventional radiotherapy. However, during the treatments, several secondary particles are produced from the interactions between therapeutic beams and human tissues and contribute to the total dose delivered to the patient. Since neutrons can release a significant dose far away from the tumour region, a precise measurement of their flux, production energy and angle distribution is eagerly needed to improve the treatment planning system and to estimate the normal tissue toxicity in the target region and establish if/where there could be the risk of secondary neoplasms. The MONDO (MOnitor for Neutron Dose in hadrOntherapy) project aims at detecting secondary neutrons with high efficiency and good backtracking precision

    A General Simulation Framework for Supply Chain Modeling: State of the Art and Case Study

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    Nowadays there is a large availability of discrete event simulation software that can be easily used in different domains: from industry to supply chain, from healthcare to business management, from training to complex systems design. Simulation engines of commercial discrete event simulation software use specific rules and logics for simulation time and events management. Difficulties and limitations come up when commercial discrete event simulation software are used for modeling complex real world-systems (i.e. supply chains, industrial plants). The objective of this paper is twofold: first a state of the art on commercial discrete event simulation software and an overview on discrete event simulation models development by using general purpose programming languages are presented; then a Supply Chain Order Performance Simulator (SCOPS, developed in C++) for investigating the inventory management problem along the supply chain under different supply chain scenarios is proposed to readers.Comment: International Journal of Computer Science Issues online at http://ijcsi.org/articles/A-General-Simulation-Framework-for-Supply-Chain-Modeling-State-of-the-Art-and-Case-Study.ph

    Human performance control monitoring systems Interim report no. 2

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    Computer program to simulate second order servo system dynamics under automatic and manual contro

    Photo-current in TIPS pentacene single crystals

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    Goal of this thesis is the study of the ultraviolet-visible photocurrent response in TIPS Pentacene single crystals, but also a description of the experimental method used to reach said objective. Emphasize is put on the approach utilized that this work imposed on us because of the challenges that arose. After preparing our organic semiconductor crystals, with the deposition of metal electrodes, our first measurement revealed that our initial experimental apparatus was not ideal to study the energy levels of a OSC, due to the slow and weak photocurrent response that many organic semiconductors have. A LabView program was therefore developed in order to aid us in the construction of the photocurrent spectrum of our TIPS Pentacene single crystals

    Bulk U(1) Messenger

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    We propose a new U(1) gauge interaction in the bulk in higher dimensional spacetime, which transmits supersymmetry-breaking effects on the hidden brane to the observable our brane. We find that rather small gauge coupling constant of U(1)_{bulk}, αbulk≃5×10−4\alpha_{bulk} \simeq 5 \times 10^{-4}, is required for a successful phenomenology. This result implies the compactification length LL of the extra dimension to be L−1≃2×1015GeVL^{-1} \simeq 2 \times 10^{15}GeV for (4+1)-dimensional spacetime. This large compactification length LL is a crucial ingredient to suppress unwanted flavor-changing neutral currents and hence our proposal is very consistent with the Randall-Sundrum brane-world scenario.Comment: 9 pages, Late
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