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    IntroductionThis study evaluated the effects of Isatis Leaf (ISL) on the growth performance, gastrointestinal tissue morphology, rumen and intestinal microbiota, rumen, serum and urine metabolites, and rumen epithelial tissue transcriptome of fattening sheep.MethodsTwelve 3.5-month-old healthy fattening sheep were randomly divided into two groups, each with 6 replicates, and fed with basal diet (CON) and basal diet supplemented with 80 g/kg ISL for 2.5 months. Gastrointestinal tract was collected for histological analysis, rumen fluid and feces were subjected to metagenomic analysis, rumen fluid, serum, and urine for metabolomics analysis, and rumen epithelial tissue for transcriptomics analysis.ResultsThe results showed that in the ISL group, the average daily gain and average daily feed intake of fattening sheep were significantly lower than those of the CON group (P ConclusionIn summary, the addition of ISL to the diet had the effect of increasing rumen ammonia nitrogen levels, regulating gastrointestinal microbiota, promoting body fat metabolism, and enhancing immunity in fattening sheep.</p