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    Mode Coupling Approach for spin-facilitated kinetic Ising models

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    The d-dimensional n-spin facilitated kinetic Ising model is studied analytically starting from usual master equations and their transformation into a Fock-space representation. The evolution of relevant operators is rewritten in terms of a projection formalism. The obtained frequency matrices and memory terms are analyzed. Especially, the influences of the memory terms is approached by using standard techniques of the usual mode coupling approach. The temperature dependence of the relaxation times related to the n-spin facilitated kinetic Ising model shows a weak non-Arrhenius behavior. Furthermore, a characteristic stretched decay of the correlation function is obtained.Comment: Written in REVTex, 18 pages, 7 figures in Postscrip

    Characterizing Phishing Threats with Natural Language Processing

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    Spear phishing is a widespread concern in the modern network security landscape, but there are few metrics that measure the extent to which reconnaissance is performed on phishing targets. Spear phishing emails closely match the expectations of the recipient, based on details of their experiences and interests, making them a popular propagation vector for harmful malware. In this work we use Natural Language Processing techniques to investigate a specific real-world phishing campaign and quantify attributes that indicate a targeted spear phishing attack. Our phishing campaign data sample comprises 596 emails - all containing a web bug and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) PDF attachment - sent to our institution by a foreign IP space. The campaign was found to exclusively target specific demographics within our institution. Performing a semantic similarity analysis between the senders' CV attachments and the recipients' LinkedIn profiles, we conclude with high statistical certainty (p <10Ôłĺ4< 10^{-4}) that the attachments contain targeted rather than randomly selected material. Latent Semantic Analysis further demonstrates that individuals who were a primary focus of the campaign received CVs that are highly topically clustered. These findings differentiate this campaign from one that leverages random spam.Comment: This paper has been accepted for publication by the IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security in September 2015 at Florence, Italy. Copyright may be transferred without notice, after which this version may no longer be accessibl

    Antonovsky B├╝t├╝nl├╝k Duygusu ├ľl├že─či ve Hem┼čirelik Ara┼čt─▒rmalar─▒nda Kullan─▒m─▒n─▒n Sistematik ─░ncelemesi: Ruh Sa─čl─▒─č─▒ ve Psikiyatri Hem┼čireli─či A├ž─▒s─▒ndan Anlamlar

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    Text in English and TurkishObjectives: AntonovskyÔÇÖs salugenetic model focuses on factors that promote health and well-being. The objectives of this paper were to review the existing research literature related to AntonovskyÔÇÖs Sense of Coherence Scale (SOC) and establish implications for psychiatric and mental health nurses. Methods: Electronic databases were searched with selected studies compared for sample, sample size, study designs and basic results. Cross-sectional studies were reviewed for correlations between personality traits, stress, burnout, disease-scales, job satisfaction and the SOC scale, with Intervention studies used to establish the impact of training on the SOC. Results: The review discovered serious methodological difficulties, including interpretations of AntonovskyÔÇÖs philosophical values and the apparent use of the SOC scales as a measure of disease absence. Conclusion: The review was able to draw important conclusions for psychiatric and mental health nurses (PMHNs) related to stress, burnout, dealing with psychiatric emergencies and the selection of new recruits to the profession.peer-reviewe

    Spin facilitated Ising model with long range interaction

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    We study the dynamics of a spin facilitated Ising model with long range kinetic constraints. To formulate those restrictions within an analytical approach we introduce the size of a kinetic active environment of a given spin. Based on a Master equation in second quantized form, the spin-autocorrelation function is calculated. It exhibits a pronounced slow dynamics, manifested by a logarithmic decay law of the spin-autocorrelation function. In case of an infinite kinetic interaction the mean field solution yields an asymptotic exact expression for the autocorrelation function which is in excellent agreement with Monte Carlo Simulations for finite interaction lengths. With increasing size of the active zone the cooperative processes, characterizing the facilitated model with short range kinetic interaction, become irrelevant. We demonstrate that the long range kinetic interaction dominates the actual spin configurations of the whole system and the mean field solution is the exact one.Comment: 18 pages, 5 figure
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