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    Reconstructing the electron in a fractionalized quantum fluid

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    The low energy physics of the fractional Hall liquid is described in terms quasiparticles that are qualitatively distinct from electrons. We show, however, that a long-lived electron-like quasiparticle also exists in the excitation spectrum: the state obtained by the application of an electron creation operator to a fractional quantum Hall ground state has a non-zero overlap with a complex, high energy bound state containing an odd number of composite-fermion quasiparticles. The electron annihilation operator similarly couples to a bound complex of composite-fermion holes. We predict that these bound states can be observed through a conductance resonance in experiments involving a tunneling of an external electron into the fractional quantum Hall liquid. A comment is made on the origin of the breakdown of the Fermi liquid paradigm in the fractional hall liquid.Comment: 5 pages, 2 figure

    CS 241-02: Computer Programming II

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    A continuation of CS240. The emphasis is on data abstraction and object-oriented programming. Prerequisite: CS240