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    A D-instanton is a space-time event associated with world-sheet boundaries that contributes non-perturbative effects of order e−const/Îșe^{-const/\kappa} to closed-string amplitudes. Some properties of a gas of D-instantons are discussed in this paper.Comment: 11 Pages and 3 figures in uuencoded fil

    Boundary Effects in String Theory

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    Some of the properties of string theory defined on world-sheets with boundaries are reviewed. Particular emphasis is put on the possibility of identifying string configurations (\lq D-instantons' and \lq D-branes') that give rise to stringy non-perturbative effects.Comment: Talk presented at the Strings '95 Conference, USC (March 1995). Latex, 10 page

    D-instanton induced interactions on a D3-brane

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    Non-perturbative features of the derivative expansion of the effective action of a single D3-brane are obtained by considering scattering amplitudes of open and closed strings. This motivates expressions for the coupling constant dependence of world-volume interactions of the form (∂F)4(\partial F)^4 (where F is the Born-Infeld field strength), (∂2ϕ)4(\partial^2\phi)^4 (where ϕ\phi are the normal coordinates of the D3-brane) and other interactions related by \calN=4 supersymmetry. These include terms that transform with non-trivial modular weight under Montonen-Olive duality. The leading D-instanton contributions that enter into these effective interactions are also shown to follow from an explicit stringy construction of the moduli space action for the D-instanton/D3-brane system in the presence of D3-brane open-string sources (but in the absence of a background antisymmetric tensor potential). Extending this action to include closed-string sources leads to a unified description of non-perturbative terms in the effective action of the form (embedding curvature)2^2 together with open-string interactions that describe contributions of the second fundamental form.Comment: 40 pages, harvmac (b), some typos corrected and references adde

    D-instantons, Strings and M-theory

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    The R^4 terms in the effective action for M-theory compactified on a two-torus are motivated by combining one-loop results in type II superstring theories with the Sl(2,Z) duality symmetry. The conjectured expression reproduces precisely the tree-level and one-loop R^4 terms in the effective action of the type II string theories compactified on a circle, together with the expected infinite sum of instanton corrections. This conjecture implies that the R^4 terms in ten-dimensional string type II theories receive no perturbative corrections beyond one loop and there are also no non-perturbative corrections in the ten-dimensional IIA theory. Furthermore, the eleven-dimensional M-theory limit exists, in which there is an R^4 term that originates entirely from the one-loop contribution in the type IIA theory and is related by supersymmetry to the eleven-form C^{(3)}R^4. The generalization to compactification on T^3 as well as implications for non-renormalization theorems in D-string and D-particle interactions are briefly discussed.Comment: harvmac (b) 17 pages. v4: Some formulae corrected. Dimensions corrected for eleven-dimensional expression

    Instantons and Non-renormalisation in AdS/CFT

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    The series of perturbative fluctuations around a multi-instanton contribution to a specific class of correlation functions of supercurrents in N=4\cal N=4 supersymmetric SU(N) Yang-Mills theory is examined in the light of the AdS/CFT correspondence. Subject to certain plausible assumptions, we argue that a given term in the 1/N expansion in such a background receives only a finite number of perturbative corrections in the 't Hooft limit. Such instanton non-renormalisation theorems would explain, for example, the exact agreement of certain weak coupling Yang-Mills instanton calculations with the strong coupling predictions arising from D-instanton effects in string theory amplitudes. These non-renormalisation theorems essentially follow from the assumption of a well defined derivative (αâ€Č)(\alpha^{\prime}) expansion in the string theory dual of the Yang-Mills theory.Comment: 11 pages, harvmac, minor typo correcte

    Summing Over World-Sheet Boundaries

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    The moduli associated with boundaries in a Riemann surface are parametrized by the positions and strengths of electric charges. This suggests a method for summing over orientable Riemann surfaces with Dirichlet boundary conditions on the embedding coordinates. A light-cone parameterization of such boundaries is also discussed.Comment: 10 page