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    Dynamical linke cluster expansions: Algorithmic aspects and applications

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    Dynamical linked cluster expansions are linked cluster expansions with hopping parameter terms endowed with their own dynamics. They amount to a generalization of series expansions from 2-point to point-link-point interactions. We outline an associated multiple-line graph theory involving extended notions of connectivity and indicate an algorithmic implementation of graphs. Fields of applications are SU(N) gauge Higgs systems within variational estimates, spin glasses and partially annealed neural networks. We present results for the critical line in an SU(2) gauge Higgs model for the electroweak phase transition. The results agree well with corresponding high precision Monte Carlo results.Comment: LATTICE98(algorithms

    Functional Complexity Measure for Networks

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    We propose a complexity measure which addresses the functional flexibility of networks. It is conjectured that the functional flexibility is reflected in the topological diversity of the assigned graphs, resulting from a resolution of their vertices and a rewiring of their edges under certain constraints. The application will be a classification of networks in artificial or biological systems, where functionality plays a central role.Comment: 11 pages, LaTeX2e, 5 PostScript figure

    Catastrophic senescence of the Pacific salmon without mutation-accumulation

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    We derive catastrophic senescence of the Pacific salmon from an aging model which was recently proposed by Stauffer. The model is based on the postulates of a minimum reproduction age and a maximal genetic lifespan. It allows for self-organization of a typical age of first reproduction and a typical age of death. Our Monte Carlo simulations of the population dynamics show that the model leads to catastrophic senescence for semelparous reproduction as it occurs in the case of salmon, but to a more gradually increase of senescence for iteroparous reproduction.Comment: 7 pages, latex2e, 2 postscript figures, to be published in Int. J. Mod. Phys. C12(3) 200
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