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    On orbital variety closures in sl(n). II. Descendants of a Richardson orbital variety

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    For a semisimple Lie algebra g the orbit method attempts to assign representations of g to (coadjoint) orbits in g*. Orbital varieties are particular Lagrangian subvarieties of such orbits leading to highest weight representations of g. In sl(n) orbital varieties are described by Young tableaux. In this paper we consider so called Richardson orbital varieties in sl(n). A Richardson orbital variety is an orbital variety whose closure is a standard nilradical. We show that in sl(n) a Richardson orbital variety closure is a union of orbital varieties. We give a complete combinatorial description of such closures in terms of Young tableaux. This is the second paper in the series of three papers devoted to a combinatorial description of orbital variety closures in sl(n) in terms of Young tableaux.Comment: 27 pages, to appear in Journal of Algebr

    Dually-charged mesoatom on the space of constant negative curvature

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    The discrete spectrum solutions corresponding to dually-charged mesoatom on the space of constant negative curvature are obtained. The discrete spectrum of energies is finite and vanishes, when the magnetic charge of the nucleus exceeds the critical value.Comment: 15 pages, LaTe