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    An analytical study of the interaction of technological and administrative decision-making in the defining of Mars Project Viking

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    An analysis of the history and background of the Mars Project Viking is presented. The organization and functions of the engineering group responsible for the project are defined. The design and configuration of the proposed space vehicle are examined. Illustrations and tables of data are provided to complete the coverage of the project

    International Conflict for Beginners

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    Strain dependence of bonding and hybridization across the metal-insulator transition of VO2

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    Soft x-ray spectroscopy is used to investigate the strain dependence of the metal-insulator transition of VO2. Changes in the strength of the V 3d - O 2p hybridization are observed across the transition, and are linked to the structural distortion. Furthermore, although the V-V dimerization is well-described by dynamical mean-field theory, the V-O hybridization is found to have an unexpectedly strong dependence on strain that is not predicted by band theory, emphasizing the relevance of the O ion to the physics of VO2

    Whole grain intakes in the diets of Irish children and teenagers

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    A growing body of evidence supports the inclusion of whole grain foods in the diet to help prevent certain chronic diseases. Although much of the research has been conducted in adult cohorts, it is thought that younger populations may also benefit from whole-grain-rich diets. The aim of the present study was to quantify the intake of whole grain in Irish children and teenagers, and assess the major sources of intake. Data used in the present study were from the National Children's Food Survey and the National Teens' Food Survey, which used 7d food diaries to collect data on habitual food and beverage consumption in representative samples of Irish children and teenagers. Results showed that over 90% of children (5-12 years) and over 86% of teenagers (13-17 years) are consumers of whole grain, with mean daily intakes of 18路5 and 23路2g/d, respectively. Ready-to-eat breakfast cereals made the greatest contribution to whole grain intakes for both children and teenagers (59路3 and 44路3%), followed by bread (14路4 and 26路5%), with wheat being the major source of intake, accounting for over 65% of all whole grains consumed. Whole grain consumers had significantly higher intakes of fibre, P and Mg in comparison with non-consumers of whole grain, even though whole grain intakes in this sample were well below the recommendation of three servings or 48g/d. The present study characterises, for the first time, the patterns of whole grain consumption in Irish children and teenagers and shows whole grain intake to be lo