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    When Literacy Matters: A Study of the Impact of English and Local Language Literacy on Income in Ghana

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    Ghana is a country with substantial language heterogeneity. In 2002, Ghana began a nationwide policy instituting English as the primary language of instruction in grade school. Using data from the Ghana Living Standards Survey, this paper examines the conditions (sectoral, geographic, educational attainment) in which English language literacy is, in fact, beneficial. Implementing a multinomial logit first stage to capture sector selection, this paper explores the interaction of sector and language on income in Ghana

    A leap out of character: an autoethnography of the influence of international immersion experiences on an occupational therapy student's professional development

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    As students in professional academic programs are socialized to the profession they refine their professional construct. Using an autoethnographic method, I describe the changes in my professional construct through participation in two international immersion experiences. I analyze how specific experiences contributed to changes in my professional construct. The mechanisms for professional socialization include interacting with professors and professional occupational therapists, personal reflection, interacting with others in a culture different from my own, and experiencing uncertainty and vulnerability. Examining how these experiences shaped my professional construct may inform future initiatives to socialize future occupational therapists to the profession

    An Indirect Model-Dependent Probe of the Higgs Self-Coupling

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    The Higgs associated production cross section at an e+ee^+ e^- collider is indirectly sensitive to the Higgs self-coupling, h3h^3, at next-to-leading order (NLO). Utilizing this, a new indirect method is proposed for constraining deviations in the self-coupling below the di-Higgs production threshold in certain models. Although this indirect constraint is model-dependent, making it valid only under specific assumptions, meaningful indirect constraints on the self-coupling may be realized. Specific realistic scenarios where the indirect constraint applies are discussed and in particular it is shown that in the well-motivated class of two Higgs-doublet models there exist regions of parameter space in which the NLO effects from a modified self-coupling dominate over the LO modifications, demonstrating a concrete scenario in which large modifications of the Higgs self-coupling may be indirectly constrained using the proposed method. Other models, such as strongly coupled scenarios, are also discussed. The indirect method would give valuable constraints on deviations in the Higgs self-coupling, and would be complementary to the direct measurements possible with di-Higgs production at other colliders, providing precious additional information in the effort to unravel the properties of the Higgs boson.Comment: 8 pages, 4 figures. Eq.10 Typo corrected and rearranged to neater form. Note added with additional references. Plots and numerical results unchange

    The tree of knot tunnels

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    We present a new theory which describes the collection of all tunnels of tunnel number 1 knots in the 3-sphere (up to orientation-preserving equivalence in the sense of Heegaard splittings) using the disk complex of the genus-2 handlebody and associated structures. It shows that each knot tunnel is obtained from the tunnel of the trivial knot by a uniquely determined sequence of simple cabling constructions. A cabling construction is determined by a single rational parameter, so there is a corresponding numerical parameterization of all tunnels by sequences of such parameters and some additional data. Up to superficial differences in definition, the final parameter of this sequence is the Scharlemann-Thompson invariant of the tunnel, and the other parameters are the Scharlemann-Thompson invariants of the intermediate tunnels produced by the constructions. We calculate the parameter sequences for tunnels of 2-bridge knots. The theory extends easily to links, and to allow equivalence of tunnels by homeomorphisms that may be orientation-reversing.Comment: This version has extensive minor rewriting for accuracy and clarity. The material on the depth invariant has been substantially expanded and moved into a new ArXiv preprint, The depth of a knot tunnel. Also moved there is the calculation of the slope sequences for the short tunnels of torus knot

    Legendrian Large Cables And New Phenomenon For Non-Uniformly Thick Knots

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    We define the notion of a knot type having Legendrian large cables and show that having this property implies that the knot type is not uniformly thick. Moreover, there are solid tori in this knot type that do not thicken to a solid torus with integer sloped boundary torus, and that exhibit new phenomena; specifically, they have virtually overtwisted contact structures. We then show that there exists an infinite family of ribbon knots that have Legendrian large cables. These knots fail to be uniformly thick in several ways not previously seen. We also give a general construction of ribbon knots, and show when they give similar such examples.Comment: Minor typos and correction

    Catalytic reactor with disposable cartridge

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    Catalytic reactor, disposable cartridge enclosing iron catalyst, acts as container for solid carbon formed by decomposition of carbon monoxide. Deposition of carbon in other parts of oxygen recovery system does not occur because of lack of catalytic activity; filters trap carbon particles and prevent their being transported outside reaction zone