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    The Essence of Taylor

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    “The belltower on a rainy night on Thursday, February the 22nd.”https://pillars.taylor.edu/quintu23-essence/1011/thumbnail.jp

    The Best Spot on Campus

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    “The bottom of the spiral staircase in the Euler Science Complex, facing upwards toward the skylight, February the 22nd.”https://pillars.taylor.edu/quintu23-best-spot/1011/thumbnail.jp

    Residence Life

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    “The Swabby (Swallow Robin Lobby) Pirate Ship on a Thursday night, February the 22nd.”https://pillars.taylor.edu/quintu23-residence-life/1011/thumbnail.jp


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    “Coby constructing a chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A, located in the Larita Boren Student Center, February the 22nd.”https://pillars.taylor.edu/quintu23-food/1011/thumbnail.jp


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    “3D printers in Room 207 in the Nussbaum Science Building, February the 22nd .”https://pillars.taylor.edu/quintu23-technology/1011/thumbnail.jp


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    “A wardrobe full of old lab coats and cover garments on 2nd Nussbaum, February the 22nd.”https://pillars.taylor.edu/quintu23-fashion/1011/thumbnail.jp