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    On the resolution of extremal and constant scalar curvature Kaehler orbifolds

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    In this paper we give sufficient conditions on a compact orbifold with an extremal Kaehler metric to admit a resolution with an extremal Kaehler metric. We also complete the Kaehler constant scalar curvature case.Comment: This paper, together with the next one by the same authors, contains more general results than arxiv.org/abs/1402.5919 (by the same authors), which will then be withdraw

    A note on Codazzi tensors

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    We discuss a gap in Besse's book, recently pointed out by Merton, which concerns the classification of Riemannian manifolds admitting a Codazzi tensors with exactly two distinct eigenvalues. For such manifolds, we prove a structure theorem, without adding extra hypotheses and then we conclude with some application of this theory to the classification of three-dimensional gradient Ricci solitons.Comment: Minor correction
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