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    Neutralino Dark Matter in 2005

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    I summarize some recent work on supersymmetric neutralinos as candidates for cold Dark Matter in the Universe. This includes a new scan of mSUGRA parameter space, with special emphasis on neutralinos annihilating predominantly through exchange of the light CP--even Higgs boson, and on bounds on sparticle masses. Next, prospects of testing models with TeV higgsino--like Dark Matter at colliders are discussed. Finally, I briefly comment on extensions of the mSUGRA model, and on scenarios with non--standard cosmology.Comment: Plenary talk at PASCOS05, Gyeongju, Korea, June 2005; 14 pages, 3 figures (included

    Signature of Charged to Neutral Higgs Boson Decay at the LHC in SUSY Models

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    We study the signature of H±H^\pm decay into h0Wh^0W at the LHC in SUSY models. It has only marginal viability in the MSSM. But in the singlet extensions like the NMSSM one can have a spectacular signature for H±H^\pm decay into (h0,A0)W(h^0,A^0)W over a significant domain of parameter space.Comment: LaTeX file, 11 pages plus two PostScript figure
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