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    Numerical Studies on Time Resolution of Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors

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    The Micro-Pattern Gaseous Detectors offer excellent spatial and temporal resolution in harsh radiation environments of high-luminosity colliders. In this work, an attempt has been made to establish an algorithm for estimating the time resolution of different MPGDs. It has been estimated numerically on the basis of two aspects, statistics and distribution of primary electrons and their diffusion in gas medium, while ignoring their multiplication. The effect of detector design parameters, field configuration and the composition of gas mixture on the resolution have also been investigated. Finally, a modification in the numerical approach considering the threshold limit of detecting the signal has been done and tested for the RPC detector for its future implementation in case of MPGDs

    Devising an economical water purification unit using bio-adsorbent

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    Number of techniques are available to purify water, it include reduction, precipitation, ion exchange, electrochemical reduction and reverse osmosis. Most of them involve high capital costs with recurring expenses, which are not suitable for small-scale industries. Bio-technique has attracted the attention due to its effectiveness and environmentally benign nature. In bio techniques, agro wastes may be the potential sources for producing bio-adsorbents, which can be used for improving the quality of west water. Banana peel and Orange peel are also used as adsorbents for purification of water. Using natural resources upto it’s extend and making water palatable and is the need of the hour specially in developing and underdeveloped counties. Present work emphasizes use of banana peel as bio adsorbent in water purification unit. The designed water purification unit shows remarkable result in limits of purification of water
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