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    A Simple Volcano Potential with an Analytic, Zero-Energy, Ground State

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    We describe a simple volcano potential, which is supersymmetric and has an analytic, zero-energy, ground state. (The KK modes are also analytic.) It is an interior harmonic oscillator potential properly matched to an exterior angular momentum-like tail. Special cases are given to elucidate the physics, which may be intuitively useful in studies of higher-dimensional gravity.Comment: 8 pages, 3 figure

    Analytic Description of the Motion of a Trapped Ion in an Even or Odd Squeezed State

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    A completely analytic description is given of the motion of a trapped ion which is in either an even or an odd squeezed state. Comparison is made to recent results on the even or odd coherent states, and possible experimental work is discussed.Comment: LaTeX. 9 pages plus 7 figures, include
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