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    Public service is an activity or series of activities in the framework of fulfilling service needs in accordance with statutory regulations for every citizen and resident of goods, services, or administrative services provided by public service providers. All types of services are provided and provided to the community by the village government apparatus, in general it has not satisfied many people. The services provided are too complicated for reasons according to the procedure, the amount of fees charged, and a very long time, so the services provided tend to be ineffective and inefficient. In this study predictions will be made about the community's satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the performance of village officials in improving services using the Naïve Bayes algorithm method. The Naive Bayes algorithm is a classification with probability and statistical methods proposed by the British scientist Thomas Bayes, which predicts future opportunities based on past experience so that it is known as Bayes theorem. This research was conducted using a data collection technique in the form of a questionnaire filled out by 50 respondents 10% of the total population, from a population of 5,539 permanent residents in the village of Lenek Lauk. Analysis of the results of the study was conducted using the Naïve Bayes algorithm method. Function to see the level of accuracy. Measurement with naïve bayes algorithm produces 92.26% accuracy and AUC value on the ROC curve is 0.924.DOI : 10.29408/jit.v3i2.231

    Aktualisasi Peran Majelis Taklim Az-Zikra dalam Peningkatan Kualitas Keagamaan Umat

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    Majelis taklim is an effective and efficient medium for interaction and dissemination of Islamic teachings for its adherents either through oral, written or concrete actions aimed at improving Muslim religious understanding. Majelis taklim Az-zikra is a fairly popular taklim assembly founded by ust.Arifin Ilham, a charismatic cleric who has a vision to build a Muslim Indonesian community that has a person of remembrance who brings peace and safety to the world of the hereafter. In carrying out the vision of majelis taklim, Az-zikra has an important role in increasing the religious values of Muslims in the Az-zikra environment, including in the field of religious education and the economic sector. Program activities that encourage the Az-zikra taklim assembly in carrying out its role, including: 1) The field of religious education includes: zikir akbar, routine recitation, student camps, sakinah family shrines and the Az-zikra boarding school Meanwhile, 2) the economic sector includes: Zikra mart, Az-zikra canteen, zikra laundry, multipurpose building rental, horse racing, Az-zikra travel, Az-zikra honey and Az-zikra boutique

    Detecting Irregular Patterns in IoT Streaming Data for Fall Detection

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    Detecting patterns in real time streaming data has been an interesting and challenging data analytics problem. With the proliferation of a variety of sensor devices, real-time analytics of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to learn regular and irregular patterns has become an important machine learning problem to enable predictive analytics for automated notification and decision support. In this work, we address the problem of learning an irregular human activity pattern, fall, from streaming IoT data from wearable sensors. We present a deep neural network model for detecting fall based on accelerometer data giving 98.75 percent accuracy using an online physical activity monitoring dataset called "MobiAct", which was published by Vavoulas et al. The initial model was developed using IBM Watson studio and then later transferred and deployed on IBM Cloud with the streaming analytics service supported by IBM Streams for monitoring real-time IoT data. We also present the systems architecture of the real-time fall detection framework that we intend to use with mbientlabs wearable health monitoring sensors for real time patient monitoring at retirement homes or rehabilitation clinics.Comment: 7 page

    The importance of being Reidy

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    Peer Reviewe

    Pengklasifikasian Kemampuan Akademik Mahasiswa Menggunakan Analisis Cluster Berdasarkan Nilai Mata Kuliah Sains Dasar

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    Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif (IPK) mahasiswa yang heterogen bisa menjadi indikasi adanya perbedaan kemampuan akademik antara mahasiswa yang satu dengan yang lainnya. Kondisi tersebut tentunya harus diminimalisir agar capaian kompetensi mahasiswa tersebar secara merata dan maksimal. Pengklasifikasian adalah salah satu upaya yang dapat dilakukan untuk menangani keheterogenan kemampuan akademik mahasiswa sehingga setiap kelompok mahasiswa hasil pengklasifikasian dapat diberikan perlakuan berbeda untuk mengoptimalkan kemampuan akademiknya. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengklasifikasikan kemampuan akademik mahasiswa Program Studi Teknik Sipil Universitas Internasional Batam berdasarkan nilai mata kuliah sains dasar menggunakan analisis cluster. Analisis cluster pada penelitian ini menggunakan metode Ward dan jarak Euclidean untuk mengukur jarak antar objek amatannya. Hasil pengklasifikasian menunjukkan bahwa mahasiswa Program Studi Teknik Sipil Universitas Internasional Batam 2019 terbagi ke dalam 3 (tiga) kelompok. Kelompok pertama terdiri dari 9 mahasiswa yang memiliki kemampuan akademik terbaik. Kelompok kedua terdiri dari 9 mahasiswa yang memiliki kemampuan akademik cukup baik. Kelompok ketiga terdiri dari 11 mahasiswa yang memiliki kemampuan akademik belum baik

    Investigation of the Effect of Process Parameters by Taguchi Method on Structural and Electrical Properties of RF Magnetron Sputtered SiO2 & pSi on Si Substrate

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    In this work, Taguchi Signal-to-noise (S/N) analysis was applied to investigate the effect of varying three process parameters, namely- sputtering power, working pressure and Ar gas flow rate on the surface, morphological and electrical properties of the RF sputtered SiO2 and Boron doped pSi over Si substrate. The contribution of a particular process parameter on these properties was also inspected by applying Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). SiO2 and pSi thin films were fabricated over Si substrate using RF magnetron sputtering system. Three sets of inputs for the three mentioned process parameters were chosen for sputtering SiO2 and pSi thin films. To deposit SiO2, 150W, 200W and 250W power levels were chosen, for pSi deposition- power levels were 100W, 150W and 200W; 5mTorr, 10mTorr and 15mTorr were chosen for pressure and three Ar gas flow rate levels at 5, 10 and 15 sccm were selected. By performing Taguchi L9 orthogonal array, nine combinations of sputtering parameters were prepared for depositing SiO2/Si and pSi/Si thin films. The surface morphological and electrical properties (resistivity per unit area and capacitance per unit area) of the sputtered samples were therefore inspected by analyzing the Taguchi design of experiment. Signal-to-noise (S/R) analysis presents how the properties were affected by the variation of each process parameter. ANOVA analysis showed that sputtering power and working pressure are the two dominant process parameters contributing more to surface morphological and electrical properties. A regression model for surface roughness of the SiO2/Si and pSi/Si thin film samples was also derived. The electrical properties of the SiO2/Si and pSi/Si thin films, however, didn’t show linearity and that is why it was not possible to derive a regression model for the electrical properties of SiO2/Si and pSi/Si sputtered thin films

    A Statistical Case Study of Using ICT in Educational Sector in Rural Context of Bangladesh

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    Nowadays information and communication technologies ICT in the education sector keeping very important role to modernize and updated the technology into the educational activities There is a direct social and economic value of ICT education in rural Bangladesh As the rural people have limited access to resources and public areas due to socio-economic situation ICT is identified as the key to the re-invention of governments in developing countries like Bangladesh For the development of the rural people as well as the country needs more awareness on ICT education The rural people suffer from severe discrimination due to lack of information and burden of poverty This paper made an effort to determine the present status of access to ICT education in rural sector In this study I have selected 119 schools both primary and secondary level in rural area and conducted a survey on teachers and students On the base of the primary data we tried to draw the present circumstances of using ICT in education system in rural Banglades