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    Research and Development of a Cyber-I Open Service Platform

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    研究成果の概要 (和文) : Cyber-Iは、Real-Iのデジタル対応であり、個人データの収集と分析を行い、人の行動や感情に近づけます。本研究では、複数のデバイスから多くの個人データを収集して処理を行い、Cyber-Iの作成と管理を行うようなオープンサービスプラットフォームを開発しました。異なるデバイスやデータを柔軟でスケーラブルな管理をするために、スマートフォンをゲートウェイとして使用するクラウドやフォグベースのデータベースシステムを実装しています。また、Cyber-Iの成長をコントロールするような基本的技術やメカニズムを提案しています。さらにCyber-I関連における個人情報の保護と利用についても検討しています。研究成果の概要 (英文) : Cyber-I, short for Cyber Individual, is a digital counterpart of Real-Individual (Real-I), and is expected to continuously approximate a real person’s behavior and even mind with collections and analyses of increasing personal data. In this research, a Cyber-I open service platform has been researched and developed to collect and process rich personal big data from various sources and multiple devices for Cyber-I creation and administration as well as its modeling and life control. A cloud-fog based database system using smartphones as gateways has been implemented for flexible and scalable managements of heterogeneous devices and data. Basic strategy and mechanism have been proposed for scheduling and controlling Cyber-I growth. Cyber-I related data privacy protection and personal information usage are also studied. A series of researches on personality and affective computing has been carried out to model personal characteristics

    Using VCR to Support Different Styles and Types of Group Collaborations in Virtual Universities

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    [[abstract]]To support many different group activities such as computer and network based meeting, seminar, conference, tele-lecturing, group project, team work, student instruction and club in a virtual university, a general framework based on a room metaphor or model is used to develop a desktop groupware system, called virtual collaboration room (VCR) that enables teachers and students to flexibly and naturally conduct their collaborative teaching/learning/working over the Internet without constraints on collaboration type, working style, group scale and system platform. As important component in our integrated educational system, University21, the VCR is discussed how to be employed and managed in a virtual university. With the use of Java applets for system implementations, users can enter the VCR from any standard Java enabled Web browser. VCR consists of user panel, object cabinet, object panel, a variety of objects in workspace, workspace panel. An object in VCR has a life cycle from birth, alive to death, and attributes such as owner, state, access mode, handler, and persistence. To further improve the quality of collaborations, natural object control and rich awareness function are fully supported.[[notice]]補正完

    Computational search for ultrasmall and fast skyrmions in the Inverse Heusler family

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    Skyrmions are magnetic excitations that are potentially ultrasmall and topologically protected, making them interesting for high-density all-electronic ultrafast storage applications. While recent experiments have confirmed the existence of various types of skyrmions, their typical sizes are much larger than traditional domain walls, except at very low temperature. In this work, we explore the optimal material parameters for hosting ultra-small, fast, and room temperature stable skyrmions. As concrete examples, we explore potential candidates from the inverse Heusler family. Using first-principles calculations of structural and magnetic properties, we identify several promising ferrimagnetic inverse Heusler half-metal/near half-metals and analyze their phase space for size and metastability.Comment: 7 pages, 3 figures, 1 tabl
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