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    Predictions for energy distribution and polarization of the positron from the polarized muon decay

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    The pure lepton decay of the polarized muon is considered, accounting for a new tensor interaction which is outside of the Michel local interactions. This interaction leads to new energy distribution and polarization of the final charged lepton. The presence of such a type of interaction is strongly required for the description of the latest experimental results on the weak radiative pion decay in the full kinematic region. Assuming quark--lepton universality, predictions for a deviation from the Standard Model are made using only one new parameter. They do not contradict the present experimental data and can be verified further in the on-going experiments at PSI and TRIUMF, at least to the level of 3 standard deviations.Comment: 12 pages, no figure

    A Reference Model for Anomalously Interacting Bosons

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    A simple reference model for anomalously interacting bosons is proposed and implemented in the CompHEP package. This allows preparing for an experimental search of these bosons at powerful colliders, such as Tevatron and LHC. New signatures and some experimental consequences are shortly considered.Comment: updated version with new D0 data, to be published in Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters, 2011, Vol. 8, No.