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    An Advanced Conceptual Diagnostic Healthcare Framework for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disorders

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    The data mining along with emerging computing techniques have astonishingly influenced the healthcare industry. Researchers have used different Data Mining and Internet of Things (IoT) for enrooting a programmed solution for diabetes and heart patients. However, still, more advanced and united solution is needed that can offer a therapeutic opinion to individual diabetic and cardio patients. Therefore, here, a smart data mining and IoT (SMDIoT) based advanced healthcare system for proficient diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have been proposed. The hybridization of data mining and IoT with other emerging computing techniques is supposed to give an effective and economical solution to diabetes and cardio patients. SMDIoT hybridized the ideas of data mining, Internet of Things, chatbots, contextual entity search (CES), bio-sensors, semantic analysis and granular computing (GC). The bio-sensors of the proposed system assist in getting the current and precise status of the concerned patients so that in case of an emergency, the needful medical assistance can be provided. The novelty lies in the hybrid framework and the adequate support of chatbots, granular computing, context entity search and semantic analysis. The practical implementation of this system is very challenging and costly. However, it appears to be more operative and economical solution for diabetes and cardio patients.Comment: 11 PAGE

    Crystallization of Simple Fluids: Relative Stability of f.c.c. and b.c.c Structures

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    A free-energy functional for a crystal that contains both the symmetry conserved and symmetry broken parts of the direct pair correlation function is developed. The free-energy functional is used to investigate the crystallization of fluids interacting via the inverse power potential ; u(r)=ϵ(σ/r)nu(r)=\epsilon {(\sigma/r)}^n. In agreement with simulation results we find that for n=12n=12 the freezing is into close packed f.c.c structure while for soft repulsions (n6)(n\leq 6) b.c.c phase is more stable.Comment: 9 pages, 2 figure

    Under-collateralisation and rehypothecation in the OTC derivatives markets.

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    At present there is sizable activity in the OTC derivatives market that is under-collateralised. The margin/collateral requirements at central counterparties (CCPs) should help the OTC derivatives market be better collateralised, lowering the derivatives risk at the large banks that dominate this market. However, the overall netting benefits may be less if the several CCPs that are in operation are not linked. Also, large banks make very effective use of collateral they receive that has rehypothecation rights.1 This implies that overall cost to large banks in moving OTC derivatives to CCPs will be sizable.

    "It isn't just consultants that need a BSc": student experiences of an Intercalated BSc

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    More medical schools are moving towards a compulsory intercalated BSc. These courses have not traditionally been aimed at those students interested in general practice and have tended to have limited clinical relevance. This paper explores the perceptions of students who undertook a BSc in primary health care using qualitative methodology comprising semi-structured interviews with students just before completion of their course. Interviews were undertaken with 24 of the 26 students who started the course over a 4-year period. All the students have finished the course and have graduated with good honours degrees. Students refine existing skills and develop new, relevant skills for medicine. The students discussed the prestige (or lack) of a BSc in this field and how the course has impacted on their career decisions. A Primary Health Care BSc such as this appears to give students an in depth and to some, a positive view of general practice and primary care. The course allowed students to develop a more critical approach to medicine and enabled them to develop skills in addition to those acquired from their undergraduate medicine course. They perceived that these skills will serve them throughout their career in whatever branch of medicine they choose

    LaFeAsO1x_{1-x}Fx_x: A low carrier density superconductor near itinerant magnetism

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    Density functional studies of 26K superconducting LaFeAs(O,F) are reported. We find a low carrier density, high density of states, N(EF)N(E_F) and modest phonon frequencies relative to TcT_c. The high N(EF)N(E_F) leads to proximity to itinerant magnetism, with competing ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic fluctuations and the balance between these controlled by doping level. Thus LaFeAs(O,F) is in a unique class of high TcT_c superconductors: high N(EF)N(E_F) ionic metals near magnetism.Comment: Shortened published form. Typos correcte