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    Gaussian Effective Potential and the Coleman's normal-ordering Prescription : the Functional Integral Formalism

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    For a class of system, the potential of whose Bosonic Hamiltonian has a Fourier representation in the sense of tempered distributions, we calculate the Gaussian effective potential within the framework of functional integral formalism. We show that the Coleman's normal-ordering prescription can be formally generalized to the functional integral formalism.Comment: 6 pages, revtex; With derivation details and an example added. To appear in J. Phys.

    Flat lens without optical axis: Theory of imaging

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    We derive a general theory for imaging by a flat lens without optical axis. We show that the condition for imaging requires a material having elliptic dispersion relations with negative group refraction, equivalent to an effective anisotropic refractive index n(theta). Imaging can be achieved with both negative (n0) refractive indices. The Veselago-Pendry lens is a special case with isotropic negative refractive index of n(theta)=-1. Realizations of the imaging conditions using anisotropic media and inhomogeneous media, particularly photonic crystals, are discussed. Numerical examples of imaging and requirements for sub-wavelength imaging are also presented.Comment: 5 pages, 4 figure