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    Developing Comprehensive Induction Programs at Christian Schools

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    The 1980s were classified as a time of “national awakening” (Goodlad, 1990, p. 1) to the complexities of restructuring our schools. Educational problems ranging from high drop out rates to low test scores could not be adequately and professionally addressed until the nation’s leaders acknowledged that “the renewal of schools, teachers and the programs that educate teachers must proceed simultaneously” (Goodlad, 1990. p. 4)

    Welding technology transfer task/laser based weld joint tracking system for compressor girth welds

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    Sensors to control and monitor welding operations are currently being developed at Marshall Space Flight Center. The laser based weld bead profiler/torch rotation sensor was modified to provide a weld joint tracking system for compressor girth welds. The tracking system features a precision laser based vision sensor, automated two-axis machine motion, and an industrial PC controller. The system benefits are elimination of weld repairs caused by joint tracking errors which reduces manufacturing costs and increases production output, simplification of tooling, and free costly manufacturing floor space

    The Omani and Bahraini Paths to Development: Rare and Contrasting Oil-based Economic Success Stories

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    Oman and Bahrain are Middle Eastern success stories. There are some key similarities. Both have followed pragmatic development strategies built on a stable foundation of strengthened governance structures and enhanced economic liberalization. These improvements occurred in somewhat different settings, with Oman developing in a more authoritarian environment, whereas Bahrain enjoyed greater democracy but somewhat less stability. While both countries have relied on oil revenues to support their development efforts, it appears that, in contrast to their less successful oil producing neighbours, each country had just enough oil to do some good, but not enough to do serious damage.Oman, Bahrain, Middle East, GCC, economic development, economic growth, development Creation-Date: 2009

    Opening the Door to the American Dream: Increasing Higher Education Access and Success for Immigrants

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    Describes the demographic and educational characteristics of the immigrant population in the United States, and discusses barriers faced by legal immigrants seeking to enroll in postsecondary education

    The properties of powerful radio sources at 90 GHz

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    ‘The definitive version is available at www.blackwell-synergy.com.’ Copyright Blackwell Publishing DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2966.2008.13370.xPeer reviewe

    Facilitating active learning in the classroom

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    In the context of a relatively traditional second year module in for mechanical engineering students, Strength of Materials, changes were made to module delivery to facilitate more active learning. The motivation was a perceived need to improve the level of understanding achieved by the students. Justification for the changes was an assessment of student learning style preferences, which indicate a strong preference for active learning. Results show that changes in how lecture and tutorial activities were managed increased the level of student engagement during classroom sessions. In addition, 'small step' approaches to problem solving proved popular among students. The study also indicates that both students and lecturers need time to become practiced in the new approach, and that benefits of changes to traditional 'talk and chalk' lecturing may take time to become apparent

    Corporate Investments in College Readiness and Access

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    Examines support for college readiness and access initiatives among Fortune 100 companies, best practices in helping disadvantaged students, and case studies. Discusses the importance of higher education to enhancing the U.S. workforce's competitiveness