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    How to understand the underlying structures of X(4140)X(4140), X(4274)X(4274), X(4500)X(4500) and X(4700)X(4700)

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    We investigate the possible rescattering effects which may contribute to the process B+β†’J/ΟˆΟ•K+B^+\to J/\psi\phi K^+. It is shown that the Dsβˆ—+Dsβˆ’D_{s}^{*+}D_{s}^- rescattering via the open-charmed meson loops, and Οˆβ€²Ο•\psi^\prime \phi rescattering via the Οˆβ€²K1\psi^\prime K_1 loops may simulate the structures of X(4140)X(4140) and X(4700)X(4700), respectively. However, if the quantum numbers of X(4274)X(4274) (X(4500)X(4500)) are 1++1^{++} (0++0^{++}), it is hard to to ascribe the observation of X(4274)X(4274) and X(4500)X(4500) to the PP-wave threshold rescattering effects, which implies that X(4274)X(4274) and X(4500)X(4500) could be genuine resonances. We also suggest that X(4274)X(4274) may be the conventional orbitally excited state Ο‡c1(3P)\chi_{c1}(3P).Comment: 14 pages, 5 figures, 1 tabl
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