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    B\"acklund-Darboux Transformations and Discretizations of Super KdV Equation

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    For a generalized super KdV equation, three Darboux transformations and the corresponding B\"acklund transformations are constructed. The compatibility of these Darboux transformations leads to three discrete systems and their Lax representations. The reduction of one of the B\"acklund-Darboux transformations and the corresponding discrete system are considered for Kupershmidt's super KdV equation. When all the odd variables vanish, a nonlinear superposition formula is obtained for Levi's B\"acklund transformation for the KdV equation

    Present Position of China’s Local Industrial Clusters(LICs) in the Global Value Chain(GVC): Apparel and Textile industry Case Study

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    In the globalization era, cost competitiveness alone will not be sufficient to guarantee further success. The China’s LICs faced a serious challenge between the top-down (global) and bottom-up (local) governance pressures. In order to remain competitive, there is a need for LICs to upgrade their activities and move up along GVC, and shall constantly pursue enhancement and optimization of value chain and developing their capabilities. To help overcome the constraints on LICs, the need to develop new and more effective governance strategies and policies are high priority. This paper also shows how LICs can break out of the “lock-in” which results form working for a small powerful GVC’s governors. It recognizes the GVC governance variance and opening up new opportunities for LIC. Key words: Local Industrial Clusters (LICs), Global Value Chain (GVC), Governance Résumé: A l’époque de globalisation, la compétitivité du prix seul ne suffit pas pour garantir le succès futur. Les GIL de Chine font face à un double défi sérieux des pressions de gouvernance globale et locale. Afin de maintenir la compétitivité, il est nécessaire pour les GIL d’améliorer leurs activités et de s’avancer dans la CVG. Ils devraient poursuivre constamment le renforcement et l’optimisation de la chaîne de valeur et développer leurs capacités. Pour vaincre les contraintes, le développement de plus de nouvelles stratégies de gouvernance est devenu la première priorité. L’article montre aussi comment les GIL peuvent se débarrasser de l’isolation qui résultant du fait qu’ils travaillent pour les gouverneurs d’une petite CVG puissante. Il reconnaît la différence de gouvernance de la CVG et la création de nouvelles opportunités pour les GIL. Mots-Clés: Groupes industriels locaux GIL), Chaîne de valeur globale(CVG), gouvernanc

    Occupational Health and Safety(OHS) in Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs): A Primary Review1 SANTE ET SECURITE

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    Problems of occupational health and safety(OHS) in small and medium size enterprises(SMEs) in that mainly are private enterprises, are severe in China where as, the corresponding theoretical study are lagged behind regretfully. This paper summarizes the representative progress in this discipline simply. The exploratory results will be used to make an initial evaluation of SMEs needs, and will help orient future research. Key words: Occupational health and safety, Small and Medium Size Enterprises, review Résumé: Les problèmes de Santé et sécurité professionnelles(OHS) dans les petites et moyennes entreprises(PME) sont principalement ceux dans les entreprises privées et sont graves partout en Chine. La recherche théorique correspondante est largement et malheureusement arriérée. Cette thèse fait un résumé sur le progrès représentatif dans cette seule discipline. Les résultats exploratoires seront utilisés pour faire une évaluation initiale des demandes des PMEs et nous aideront l’orientation des recherches futures. Mots-clés: Santé et sécurité professionnelles, les petites et moyennes entreprises, revu

    Phase transition in site-diluted Josephson junction arrays: A numerical study

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    We numerically investigate the intriguing effects produced by random percolative disorder in two-dimensional Josephson-junction arrays. By dynamic scaling analysis, we evaluate critical temperatures and critical exponents with high accuracy. It is observed that, with the introduction of site-diluted disorder, the Kosterlitz-Thouless phase transition is eliminated and evolves into a continuous transition with power-law divergent correlation length. Moreover, genuine depinning transition and creep motion are studied, evidence for distinct creep motion types is provided. Our results not only are in good agreement with the recent experimental findings, but also shed some light on the relevant phase transitions.Comment: 7 pages, 8 figures, Phys. Rev. B (in press

    Effect of low intensity white light irradiation on the retinas of mice

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    AIM: To investigate the effect of low intensity white light irradiation on the retinas of mice.<p>METHODS: Thirty C57BL/6J mice were randomly divided into two groups. The number of the mice in each group was 15. The mice in experimental group received dark adaptation from 5:00p.m. to 6:00p.m.,and then exposed to LED white light from 6:00p.m. to 7:00p.m. everyday for a month. At 1, 3, 7, 14 and 30d after the beginning, we examed the histology of mice retinas, calculated the thickness of outer nuclear layer(ONL),inner nuclear layer(INL)and analyzed electrophysiology of mice.<p>RESULTS:One month after experiment, compared to the control group, the latency of Rod-R a wave of the mice in experimental group significantly prolonged, the amplitude of Cone-R b wave of the mice in experimental group significantly decreased and the latency of b wave of the mice in experimental group significantly prolonged(<i>P</i><0.05).There are no significant difference in the histology of retina, ONL and INL thicknesses.<p>CONCLUSION: 100lux low intensity white light could give rise to the impairment of the retinal functions in dark-adapted mice