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    Roving vehicle motion control Quarterly report, 1 Mar. - 31 May 1967

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    System and subsystem requirements for remote control of roving space vehicle motio

    Roving vehicle motion control Final report

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    Roving vehicle motion control for unmanned planetary and lunar exploratio

    Neutrinos and Supernovae

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    We review the current status of the core-collapse supernova (CCSN) mechanism, beginning with a very brief account of CCSN types, and of the growing number of observations of their corresponding progenitors. This is followed by a brief account of current developments in the modeling of CCSNe progenitors, and of the four main supernova mechanisms under current study. We then focus on the current status of the neutrino mechanism, describing its essential features, as this mechanism seems the most promising at this time. We follow with a brief description of current efforts at the very computationally demanding challenge of modeling the neutrino mechanism, ending with a brief description of our CHIMERA code and some recent results obtained with this code