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    Dynamics of a solar pressure stabilized satellite

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    Dynamics of sun-pointing satellite in heliocentric orbit of nonzero eccentricit

    Interactions of Ar(9+) and metastable Ar(8+) with a Si(100) surface at velocities near the image acceleration limit

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    Auger LMM spectra and preliminary model simulations of Ar(9+) and metastable Ar(8+) ions interacting with a clean monocrystalline n-doped Si(100) surface are presented. By varying the experimental parameters, several yet undiscovered spectroscopic features have been observed providing valuable hints for the development of an adequate interaction model. On our apparatus the ion beam energy can be lowered to almost mere image charge attraction. High data acquisition rates could still be maintained yielding an unprecedented statistical quality of the Auger spectra.Comment: 34 pages, 11 figures, http://pikp28.uni-muenster.de/~ducree

    Diagnostic performance of transthyretin measurement in fat tissue of patients with ATTR amyloidosis

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    In this article, the diagnostic performance of a transthyretin (TTR) ELISA for detection and characterization of transthyretin-derived (ATTR) amyloid in abdominal subcutaneous fat tissue was studied. Fat tissue specimens were analyzed of 38 patients with ATTR amyloidosis, 70 controls, and 17 carriers of a TTR mutation. Amyloid amount was graded semi-quantitatively in Congo red-stained specimens (0-4+). Amyloid was extracted from tissue in guanidine, and the TTR concentration was measured using a sandwich TTR-ELISA. The TTR concentration of patients with ATTR amyloidosis (mean 0.84 ng/mg fat tissue) was significantly higher than controls (p<0.001). With a TTR concentration of 0.13 ng/mg fat tissue as cut-off value, 32 of the 38 ATTR patients were identified resulting in a sensitivity of 84%. Sixty-seven of the 70 controls had values below the cut-off value resulting in a specificity of 96%. Thus, measuring TTR in fat tissue is useful for detecting ATTR amyloidosis and for characterizing amyloid as ATTR type

    Living on the Margin in the Anthropocene: Engagement Arenas for Sustainability Research and Action at the Ocean-Land Interface

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    The advent of the Anthropocene underscores the need to develop and implement transformative governance strategies that safeguard the Earth\u27s life-support systems, most critically at the ocean-land interface - the Margin. The seaward realm of the Margin is the new frontier for resource exploitation and colonization to meet the needs of coastal nations and humanity overall. Here, we spotlight the pivotal role of the Margin for planetary resilience and sustainability, highlight priority issues, and outline a research strategy which aims to: (a) better understand Margin social-ecological systems; (b) guide sustainable development of Margin resources; (c) design governance regimes to reverse unsustainable practices; (d) facilitate equitable sharing of Margin resources; and (e) evaluate alternative research approaches and partnerships that address major Margin challenges. © 2015 The Authors

    Extended Classical Over-Barrier Model for Collisions of Highly Charged Ions with Conducting and Insulating Surfaces

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    We have extended the classical over-barrier model to simulate the neutralization dynamics of highly charged ions interacting under grazing incidence with conducting and insulating surfaces. Our calculations are based on simple model rates for resonant and Auger transitions. We include effects caused by the dielectric response of the target and, for insulators, localized surface charges. Characteristic deviations regarding the charge transfer processes from conducting and insulating targets to the ion are discussed. We find good agreement with previously published experimental data for the image energy gain of a variety of highly charged ions impinging on Au, Al, LiF and KI crystals.Comment: 32 pages http://pikp28.uni-muenster.de/~ducree
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