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    The Lepton-Number-Violating Decays of B+,D+B^+, D^+ and Ds+D_s^+ Mesons Induced by the Doubly Charged Higgs Boson

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    The lepton-number-violating decays of B+,D+B^+, D^+ and Ds+D_s^+ mesons induced by the doubly charged Higgs boson have been studied. It is found that although the yielded results of the branch ratio are much smaller than the present limits from the data they are consistent with the previous conclusions calculated in the framwork of relativistic quark model where the processes happened via the light Majorana neutrinos.Comment: version to appear in PR

    Gauge Theory Model of the Neutrino and New Physics Beyond the Standard Model

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    Majorana features of neutrinos and SO(3) gauge symmetry of three families enable us to construct a gauge model of neutrino for understanding naturally the observed smallness of neutrino masses and the nearly tri-bimaximal neutrino mixing when combining together with the mechanism of approximate global U(1) family symmetry. The vacuum structure of SO(3) symmetry breaking is found to play an important role. The mixing angle θ13\theta_{13} and CP-violating phases governed by the vacuum of spontaneous symmetry breaking are in general non-zero and testable experimentally at the allowed sensitivity. The model predicts the existence of vector-like SO(3) triplet charged leptons and vector-like SO(3) triplet Majorana neutrinos as well as SO(3) tri-triplet Higgs bosons, some of them can be light and explored at the colliders LHC and ILC.Comment: 15 pages, only typos in table 1 corrected in this replaced versio

    Generic Wavefunction Description of Fractional Quantum Anomalous Hall States and Fractional Topological Insulators

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    We propose a systematical approach to construct generic fractional quantum anomalous Hall (FQAH) states, which are generalizations of the fractional quantum Hall states to lattice models with zero net magnetic field and full lattice translation symmetry. Local and translationally invariant Hamiltonians can also be constructed, for which the proposed states are unique ground states. Our result demonstrates that generic chiral topologically ordered states can be realized in lattice models, without requiring magnetic translation symmetry and Landau level structure. We further generalize our approach to the time-reversal invariant analog of fractional quantum Hall states--fractional topological insulators, and provide the first explicit wavefunction description of fractional topological insulators in the absence of spin conservation.Comment: 4.5 pages, 2 figure