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    Numerical investigations of traveling singular sources problems via moving mesh method

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    This paper studies the numerical solution of traveling singular sources problems. In such problems, a big challenge is the sources move with different speeds, which are described by some ordinary differential equations. A predictor-corrector algorithm is presented to simulate the position of singular sources. Then a moving mesh method in conjunction with domain decomposition is derived for the underlying PDE. According to the positions of the sources, the whole domain is splitted into several subdomains, where moving mesh equations are solved respectively. On the resulting mesh, the computation of jump [u˙][\dot{u}] is avoided and the discretization of the underlying PDE is reduced into only two cases. In addition, the new method has a desired second-order of the spatial convergence. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the convergence rates and the efficiency of the method. Blow-up phenomenon is also investigated for various motions of the sources